Viseon Updates Public Relations Results


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Viseon Updates Public Relations Results

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Viseon, Inc. (OTCBB:VSNI), a global developer of broadband personal video communications solutions, today announced that its public relations campaign is beginning to produce significant results and awareness for the VisiFone(TM). Since the campaign launch in September, the VisiFone has appeared in articles in over 200 newspapers and magazines, been mentioned in hundreds of radio spots and appeared in the Business World News segments on a number of broadcast and cable channels.


In December, the VisiFone will be featured on the in-flight video segments on all of the video enabled United Airlines flights around the world. Several technical and cable industry trade publications have also featured the VisiFone recently including MultiChannel News, Cable World, Network World, Communications Engineering and Design, and Communications Technology. Additional publications featuring stories on the VisiFone will be posted on the Viseon website at where interested buyers can see a demo of the VisiFone, a video presentation to the broadband provider industry, as well as the CNBC segment on Viseon.


"The launch of an entirely new communications and consumer electronics category is challenging," said John Harris, Viseon's president and CEO. "But by providing journalists with an opportunity to use the VisiFone, we are receiving impressive reviews."


The VisiFone will also be demonstrated at numerous upcoming trade shows including The Western Cable Show in Anaheim in December, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January and CeBit in Hannover, Germany in March.


The VisiFone(TM) is the world's first low-cost broadband videophone. It is a self-contained system that does not require a PC or any external equipment. The VisiFone operates on any broadband connection and home or office network including high-speed Internet connections via DSL or cable modem. The VisiFone is H.323 or SIP compliant and delivers up to 30 frames per second video and crisp audio quality utilizing 128k to 512k of bandwidth. It is compatible with virtually all corporate video conferencing systems, yet at $599, the VisiFone can be used by the over 20 million broadband connected U.S. homes.


Viseon has been developing, manufacturing and patenting video communication technologies for use by corporations, universities and government agencies since 1994. Its products have been sold under various brand names around the world including Philips, Canon, VTEL and Gentner. Viseon recently announced a strategy to deliver TV-quality broadband videophones to consumers and businesses directly and through relationships with broadband providers. Viseon currently owns U.S. patent numbers 5,802,281, 6,073,192, 6,397,275 and number 6,519,662. Viseon has also been notified of the allowance of additional patents in Europe and the U.S. and has additional patents pending.


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