Torbay Holdings Inc: Business World News, Featuring the Quill
Mouse, TV Airing Dates Confirmed


Press Release

Torbay Holdings Inc: Business World News, Featuring the Quill Mouse, TV Airing Dates Confirmed

Published: NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 7, 2003


Torbay Holdings Inc (ticker OTCBB: TRBY.OB) reported this morning that part of the media schedule for Business World News has been confirmed. Business World News will carry an approximately 8 minute report on the issues of Repetitive Strain Injury and how Quill Mouse products seek to resolve them. This is part of the company's product awareness campaign being communicated via the vehicle of news media. The campaign will cover TV, Radio and print media and these are the first US targeted TV airings in the campaign.


The times of these initial airings, now confirmed, are as follows:-

# Minneapolis 10/21 Tue 7:00PM Time-Warner Cable 23

# Chicago 10/22 Wed 7:30PM Time-Warner Cable 19

# Atlanta 10/23 Thurs 5:30PM Media One Cable 49

# Sacramento 10/24 Fri 6:30PM Cable 9 Channels 4 / 24

# Seattle 10/25 Sat 9:30PM Broadcast KHCV

# TNN on Thurs. Oct. 16th. 8AM East and West Coast, 7AM Central and 6AM Mountain time.


President & CEO, Tom Large, stated, "We have tested our message and products by using the Quill Mouse website as a conduit. The increase in sales is, in our opinion, attributable to the fact that we have now 'honed our pitch' and recipients understand the issues, our message and obtain the benefits we suggest when they buy our products. We are now ready to take that message out into the broader market, which is the objective of this Media Blitz Campaign. A shorter, though similar, TV segment was aired on Business TV in Canada at the end of October and can be seen via the link to a release on Yahoo Finance below. Click on the Torbay Holdings Inc link on that page to view."


"The TNN airing is a coast to coast airing that interested parties across the US will be able to view. Other airings and airings on other programs will be reported as they become confirmed."


"In other areas relating to broader market penetration: The Video Professor Sponsored 30-day demo version of the Nib, click-less, software should go live today or early tomorrow, following confirmation and approval of the web page content by Video Professor yesterday."