Torbay Holdings, Inc: Quill Mouse to be featured on Health & Home
Report, Aired to an estimated 75 Million Households


Press Release

Torbay Holdings, Inc: Quill Mouse to be featured on Health & Home Report, Aired to an estimated 75 Million Households

Publication: Business Wire

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 17, 2003


Torbay Holdings Inc (ticker OTCBB: TRBY.OB) announced today that it will be featured on 'Health & Home Report', a consumer news program, covering topics that are related to consumer


health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. It is monthly news magazine for broadcast and cable TV with an estimated 10 - 12 million viewers airing on over 200 cable systems covering 75 million households. Health & Home Report is a nationally syndicated show and will focus its interview on Designer Appliances Inc's (DAI) computer mouse products. Several core topics will be covered that explain that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is due simply to the mechanics of overusing ordinary (non human engineered) computer mice and that the issues this creates affect peoples enjoyment of their lives. The extent of this can easily be measured by its impact on Workers Comp and other Medical Disability Claims that arise out of Computer Strain Injuries. This is just one part of a Media Blitz campaign, a national launch of an awareness of TRBY's ergonomically designed computer mouse, the 'Quill'.


"This is a tremendous vehicle and opportunity to talk to a National TV viewing audience of computer mouse users," said Tom Large, President of TRBY, the parent company of DAI. "The interview will allow us to really explain why gripping and clicking computer mice causes Computer Fatigue and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how 'Quill-Products' simply and easily help computer mouse users to avoid them. This "Informative News Article" format is the type of publicity and the platform we prefer to launch consumer awareness as to our belief that we are without competition in the solution to a problem that threatens people of any age, both at work and at home."


"In another significant development; I am also pleased to report that Professor Alan Hedge of Cornell University, the Keynote speaker at last weeks Ergonomics Conference, has agreed to appear on the program with us to share his and academic view on the issues. Professor Hedge has offered the use of Cornell's world-renowned Human Factors & Engineering laboratories for part of the filming. While there can be no direct endorsement by Prof Hedge and Cornell for obvious academic neutrality reasons, his involvement in this Health Report brings credibility and demonstrates comfort with our message. It is refreshing to see that Universities such as Cornell and Professors like Dr. Hedge are proactive in taking their science to the people it seeks to serve, "ordinary people".


The airing date for this program will be announced along with other schedules of events as our Media Blitz campaign starts to roll, with anticipation of a measurable impact in September and Q4.