Torbay Holdings Inc. Reports an Increase in Activity in International
& US Domestic Distributors in 2004


Press Release

Torbay Holdings Inc. Reports an Increase in Activity in International & US Domestic Distributors in 2004

by Torbay Holdings

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 18, 2004


In BW5805 issued Feb. 18, 2004: Second graph, third sentence of release should read: xxx the 6-figure level (sted xxx the 5-figure level).


The corrected release reads:



Torbay Holdings Inc (OTC:BB:TRBY.OB): reported today that sales in 2004 had got off to a pleasing start and that domestic and international distributor activity and interest had increased. The company yesterday released German and Swedish translation of some of its product support materials, one piece of which being software download instructions so as to make it easier for German and Swedish purchasers to use the company' Nib Click-less Software. Over time all the company's materials will be produced in these and other languages.


Sales and activity in Q4 supported our confidence in a continued growth trend though the December holiday period did impact distributor order cycles, more especially in Europe, which takes a longer holiday. There was therefore a slight decrease in Q4 sales over the previous quarter, which was immediately compensated for by a strong January, which has continued into February. On the basis of orders received so far and upon the satisfactory conclusion of current prospects, the possibility exists for sales this quarter to break into the 6-figure level. It should be noted that there is no guarantee of this achievement being made at with this time.


Tom Large President & CEO stated, "Our accounts are currently being audited for timely submission and to give a relative comparison that we believe better reflects the trend in the dynamic of our business, if we compare months 1 & 2 of Q4, so excluding December, with those of Q3 they were 48% ahead. So far, less than halfway into Q1 2004, we are at 75% of Q4 2003. It should be clearly understood that we are not deluded that the absolute levels of sales obtained thus far are an achievement in of themselves. To us they demonstrate that our business model works and equally importantly that our products work in the hands of those who need them and to whom our message is getting out. The objective is to scale things up, which is now more possible following the debt structure readjustments that should significantly improve our balance sheet. We can now pursue interest from other, hopefully, less expensive sources of finance to accelerate marketing activity and continue ongoing preparations for the retail sector."


"At the start of 2003 we had a single product offering and entered into a market with the objective of building confidence in our products in the eyes of Corporate and Suburban (work at home) Computer users. This was achieved by exploiting the key and unique feature of our entry product the Quill Grip-less mouse. With judicious use of limited budgets we introduced the Quill Well Mouse Mat that reduced the friction between mouse and mouse mat and Nib click-less software that effectively made the mousing task hands free, taking all the physical strain off of the small muscles that are most prone to RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


"During 2003 scientific opinion could be judged to have caught up with our product design concepts as now the consensus amongst ergonomic academics is that using computer mice causes the circumstances of RSI more so than keyboarding. The technical reason for this is the difference between what is called Dynamic Verses Static Posture. Dynamic Posture is where muscles are tensed and relaxed cyclically. A muscle used in this way squeezes blood out when tensed so that fresh blood is received when it relaxes. This maintains a healthy supply of oxygen to the muscles. Static posture is where a muscle is tensed and held tense for a period of time. Typing is an example of Dynamic Posture. Static Posture is any form of extended grip and is why gripping computer mice is now considered more likely to cause RSI due to the reduced blood flows. Ergonomics has established a new standard called Functional Neutral, working while muscles are at or near rest. Quill Mouse is the only grip-less therefore Functional Neutral conforming mouse on the market and the Virtually Hands Free (VHF) Mousing System the only integrated hardware and software product on the market."


In 2003 we took our message and our products to those most qualified to judge them, the Corporate Ergonomic community, with the result that we now making repeat sales to companies like Intel, Microsoft, Boeing, Walt Disney World Co, to name but a few. Government sales are increasing from organizations like, and for example, The US Postal Service, Los Alamos Laboratories, The Military and The Coast Guard. We have over 99.9% user satisfaction and numerous testimonies that include statements of gratitude. Considering the purchasers objective is to remove the pain resulting in years of use of other computer mice this is a remarkable and gratifying achievement and the testimonies on our website represent just a few examples of the many now able to live their lives and earn their living without pain."


"Having established this bridgehead of capability and reputation we are now extending into new markets. They can be classified under the term Assistive Technology Market. This market is typified by the US Governments objectives under Section 508 of the 1998 Amendments to the Rehabilitation Act, which strive to make technology accessible to all despite any physical afflictions that maybe had. This standard, as it applies to computer mice, requires that products do not pinch, twist or require excessive grip and we are the only conventional computer mouse product that qualifies under this standard and is listed at We are further developing our visibility within this sector, estimated in excess of 10 million individuals, as we are again unique in the computer input sector in that our products are classified as Universally Assistive Technology as they work equally well in able or disabled hands and thereby remove the stigma that the design of products for the disabled can create. Workers Compensation Board in British Columbia has just approved a purchase of the Quill Mouse and Nib Software for demonstration in their ergonomics laboratory."


"While still currently a small organization in people terms, in Q4 we invested earnings from sales to establish a professional and effective office that has significantly improved our efficiency, which, with the outsourcing infrastructure already established, allows us to perform as if a much larger organization. We provide a product that, even with now thousands of users, takes up little time and resources in support, which means we can handle significantly more business than we currently transact. In this way we can grow our organization on the back of continued sales growth and without the need to make such investment ahead of and in the anticipation of doing so.