Torbay Holdings Inc: Quill Mouse Media Blitz Set To Commence


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Source: Torbay Holdings Inc.

Torbay Holdings Inc: Quill Mouse Media Blitz Set To Commence

Monday August 18, 12:50 pm ET


NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 18, 2003--Torbay Holdings Inc. (ticker OTCBB: TRBY.OB) REPORTS this morning that preparation for TRBY's Media Blitz campaign is now complete. Print media and radio scripts are being disseminated and video footage for TV and "in flight" circulation is in the 'can'. Content is edited for specific airings. The list of scheduled events thus far is as follows:

August 18, 2003: WLIW Channel 21 PBS Station. Between 7:00 pm and 11 pm EDT.

August 21, 2003: Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Business Section: A Quill review by computer journalist and broadcaster David Radin who in his email stated. "I've been impressed by the product, and it shows in my column." The date of publication could change. Visit click on Newspaper Articles tab on the 21st or Thursday's following.

August 23/24, 2003. Two eight minute Spotlight's on BTV Business Television's Summer 2003 series broadcast Nationally across Canada into the U.S. and Israel Info at:

Throughout September 2003: Health & Home Report. A consumer TV newsmagazine that covers topics related to consumer health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Each 1/2 hr. episode airs on more than 200 broadcast outlets, network affiliates and cable systems nationwide. For more Information:

Information as to other Media Blitz events will be released as it becomes available.

Tom Large, President & CEO of TRBY stated: "We are delighted to be getting underway. As always, extensive planning and preparation have gone into the production of these pieces (save for independent journalist reviews) to communicative our message as clearly as possible. In terms of 'Mice & Men', it appears our mice are far more reliable: as plans and expectations of an early filing, for external reasons, changed last week to the need to engage a new 'preparing accountant' (as opposed to SEC reporting accountant). Our reasonable expectations are to be timely filed.

"Concerns over the holiday impact on sales in the months of July and August appear to have been unfounded as, even without any media support and web traffic down, July was near the previous quarter monthly average and August has already equaled July. We are consistently taking orders for the $150 Virtually Hands Free Mousing (VHF) System and Quill Well Mouse Mats. Corporate orders and orders to email addresses ending in ".gov" continue and we are now receiving second and third order placements from such accounts."

"It is our belief that our product is working in the hands of its users and meeting the expectations that we have set for it. Our understanding is that there is a growing awareness of the issues of computer mice by corporate Ergonomists that will likely further the development of that aspects of our business."

"The Media Blitz campaign, now underway, will help to spread our message to the computer using public. In one (or more) of the Health TV program airings featuring RSI and the Quill, Professor Hedge, from Cornell University, explains on camera that if you mouse for more than 20 hours a week in a non-neutral posture (as with ordinary mice), within 2-5 years, you will get RSI Symptoms. The science of biomechanics delivers neutral posture and is fundamental to the IPR we own and are exploiting in our products."


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