TVA, Int'l Delivers New Macro-Media Theme Park Attraction at Six Flags Great Adventure


TVA, Int'l Delivers New Macro-Media Theme Park Attraction at Six Flags Great Adventure


Studio City, CA--- TVA, Int'l has further enhanced its growing international status as a leader in large screen film-based attractions following its successful completion of a 70mm WaterScreen film for a new attraction at Six Flags Great Adventure, in New Jersey.

"Quest for Camelot" Warner Bros. latest full-length animated feature, provides the heart warming theme for this "all action" Six Flags family attraction. Six Flags is one of the world's largest regional theme park groups, hosting 26 million visitors a year.

TVA was responsible for providing a specially adapted 70-mm 8-perf film suitable for projecting onto a vast floating Aqua-Screen 100 feet in height. The attraction is choreographed with fireworks, lighting, live performers, special effects, fantastic stunts and a powerful soundtrack. The attraction was conceived by Six Flags as part of Warner Bros. 75th anniversary celebration. It takes place on the park's extensive lake and is billed as the largest outdoor spectacular attraction of its type on the East Coast. The film was delivered on time and within budget, a continuing record TVA takes great pride in.

TVA is a long-time producer in the international theme park services industry and a member of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and American Film Institute. TVA has been the subject of numerous major media interviews, both on television (NBC, PBS, The Learning Channel's "How Do They Do That?", Movie Magic) and in the press (Newsweek, LA Times, Adweek, Hollywood Reporter, Film & Video, etc.)

TVA is housed in a 17,500 sq. ft. facility with fully equipped blue/green/orange screen sound stage (60' x 70') with state-of-the-art motion control cameras and rigs ideally suited for regular live action shooting and technology heavy productions. Paramount's Star Trek, Deep Space Nine and Voyager series are all shot at its facility. Multi-format digital editing bays, computer animation bays, a 36 track audio recording studio, and duplication capabilities allow clients to walk in the door with an idea... and walk out with a finished product (from script to screen... dubs to distribution).

Founded in 1987, TVA has 16 full time employees as well as dozens of talented production experts under contract. By creating memorable shows that combine sight, sound, motion, and E-motion, TVA turns visions into visuals and image into income.

TVA owns a number of large format films available for leasing.

The company's new role as pro-active consultants supplements their already formidable offering as designers, and show producers. During the last decade TVA has produced film-based attractions in the United Arab Emirates, Shanghai, the People's Republic of China, the Pacific Islands, Canada, Thailand and South Korea. Clients include Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Great Adventure, Universal Studios, CityWalk, Disney, Warner Bros., Iwerks Entertainment and Sony.

TVA and its long-time partner, Laservision provides unique world class attractions which synchronize dazzling laser animation, intelligent lighting, fountains, Aqua-Screens, pyrotechnics, video and film projection and special effects to digital surround sound. The company's "turn-key" approach encompasses a project's initial conceptual development, combined with a site and skills audit. From this point, TVA is able to provide the preliminary design options, concept visuals, an engineering feasibility report and budgets for appraisal. Once approved, the company provides follow through services that manage and supervise all aspects of the project from tender writing to financial management and construction supervision. Finally attraction owners can call on the company to co-ordinate staff training and manage operation and maintenance, even preparation of themed merchandising and subsequent performance production.

"Beginning in the late eighties, our success has been forged by a corporate culture with a decided lateral approach to problem solving. We strive to do things differently, to create the unusual and therefore the most memorable for our clients," comments TVA president, Jeffery Goddard. "This approach has been recognized and repeatedly awarded over the years and is now packaged into a suite of consulting and production services to pre-empt the ever-changing challenges of the international market place".

Senior Producer, Jerry Lippert confidently claims that TVA Int'l has a skills resource which gives us the ability to design for virtually any situation, large scale or small, anywhere in the world. The company creates audience experiences that are relevant to the location and culture, crossing language barriers and appealing to wide audience demographics.

TVA Int'l has extended its international marketing effort to the Internet. The web site is found at



Jeffery Goddard, Executive Producer, TVA,
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