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E-MEDIA Teams With Business World News To Create ‘New Entrepreneur’ TV Series


LOS ANGELES, CALIF. ­ MAY 1 ­ E-MEDIA Corporation (, a Los Angeles-based business communications producer, announced today it is teaming with TVA Productions, producers of the syndicated TV newsmagazine, “Business World News” to create “New Entrepreneur,” a series spotlighting America’s new entrepreneurs.

“New Entrepreneur” will focus on how today’s successful entrepreneurs are attracting capital, putting together successful management teams, developing winning marketing strategies, forging essential partnerships, and turning their ideas into profits, outlined E-MEDIA President Robert Grossman, and series producer.

“Our series will give viewers insights into emerging business trends and trendsetters, and should be of particular interest to marketing and strategic planners, as well as institutional and high-net-worth private investors, looking for new ideas and opportunities,” said Grossman.

Initial plans for the “New Entrepreneur” series include developing segments on rising-star entrepreneurs by industry and geographical region, and a special focus on women and minority entrepreneurs.

Jeffrey Goddard, executive producer of “Business World News,” and CEO of TVA Productions, (, the show’s parent organization, said the spin-off series will bring added focus to the show’s already highly successful format.

“Business World News” ( is the nation's fastest growing syndicated TV newsmagazine, providing in-depth reports on successful and innovative organizations around the world,” said Goddard. The show airs to over 75 million households, and business executive travelers via major broadcast, cable & satellite networks, airlines and cruise ships.

“The ‘New Entrepreneur’ series will premier today’s successful entrepreneur and what it takes to compete in the twenty-first century. For anyone wanting to bring their business idea to market, they’ll want to watch this series to see how it’s done,” he said.

“New Entrepreneur” Series Announced

E-MEDIA also announced it will work with TVA Productions to explore new ways to provide electronic and multimedia event programming and consulting services to businesses who need to deliver core product and service marketing through a variety of communication channels.