Viseon VisiFone Stars in New FOX TV Show, "Forever Eden"


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Viseon VisiFone Stars in New FOX TV Show, "Forever Eden"

Monday March 1, 9:30 am ET


DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 1, 2004--Viseon, Inc. (OTCBB:VSNI - News), a global developer of broadband personal video communications solutions, today announced that its VisiFones have a starring role in the new FOX Network reality show, "Forever Eden," which premieres tonight at 9 p.m. EST. The time slot for "Forever Eden" is immediately after the number one show on television, "American Idol," with over 25 million viewers each episode.

"We are delighted that Forever Eden is the first prime-time reality show to fully use, as part of its plot line and on-screen action, the VisiFone," said Charles Thompson, executive producer and managing director of Mentorn. "We believe it will transform parts of our show where the cast talk to each other by phone. We are able to use the VisiFone to send video messages and instructions to our cast - another first for 'Forever Eden'."

Viseon's president and CEO, John Harris, commented, "As our consumer broadband partners, the cable companies and DSL service providers, begin their launch of VoIP and Video over IP, we can now demonstrate the literal "TV-quality" of the VisiFone. We look forward to announcing other national television shows that are embedding VisiFones into their plots in coming months."


About Forever Eden, Mentorn and FOX

Forever Eden is the newest show from Mentorn, one of the UK's largest producers of television programming. Its award winning productions include the popular Paradise Hotel on Fox Networks and Robot Wars. Forever Eden follows a small group of people willing to take an indefinite break from their everyday lives to experience the opportunity of a lifetime by living together in a luxurious, tropical resort setting. But this Eden has its own version of the serpent, guaranteeing that things aren't always what they seem. FOX Broadcasting Company has committed to 25 episodes of Forever Eden, the most of any new reality show in history. FOX, a part of News Corporation is America's most watched network among young adults and its American Idol series is the most watched show on American television.


About The VisiFone

The VisiFone(TM) is the world's first low-cost broadband videophone. It is a self-contained system that does not require a PC or any external equipment. The VisiFone operates on any broadband connection and home or office network including high-speed Internet connections via DSL or cable modem. The VisiFone is H.323 or SIP compliant and delivers up to 30 frames per second video and crisp audio quality utilizing 128k to 512k of bandwidth. It is compatible with virtually all corporate video conferencing systems, yet at $599, the VisiFone can be used by the over 20 million broadband connected U.S. homes.


About Viseon

Viseon has been developing, manufacturing and patenting video communication technologies for use by corporations, universities and government agencies since 1994. Its products have been sold under various brand names around the world including Philips, Canon, VTEL and Gentner. Viseon recently announced a strategy to deliver TV-quality broadband videophones to consumers and businesses directly and through relationships with broadband providers. Viseon currently owns U.S. patent numbers 5,802,281, 6,073,192, 6,397,275, 6,519,662 and number 6,654,825. Viseon has also been notified of the allowance of additional patents in Europe and the U.S. and has additional patents pending.



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