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South American Travel
Nestled high in the Ecuadorian mountains, in the city of Quito, is a travel agency called Toppsa Travel that has established itself as the leading e-travel company of the region. BWN goes on location to show how Toppsa incorporates the most popular destinations (Galapagos Islands, Amazon Rain Forest, Andean Highlands, etc.) with effective technology applications in e-business. (Episode #94)

Global IT Solutions 
For global organizations who need a flexible, scalable yet cost-effective software development function, Mastek claims to have over 7000 man-years of experience, achieved through the execution of more than 700 projects worldwide. Employing over 1000 people globally and established in 1982, Mastek provides software solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. BWN reports on their proven methodologies to increase IT Value Generation through scalable, mixed-mode development using a cost-effective blend of onsite, offsite and offshore development teams. BWN travels to Mubai India to get the story. (Episode #93


Accessing databases graphically
A picture is worth a thousand words. In the fast-paced global market, the problem isn't always a lack of information. Sometimes, the challenge is to "comprehend" what you "apprehend." Techni Graphic Systems helps companies "visualize their business" by providing a full array of goods and services designed to make information visually accessible. From GIS and specialty software solutions, to Web Site creation and electronic commerce, TGS provides access to powerful databases graphically.
(Episode #92


"A Gateway to Healthy Teeth"
How Dentistry.com has become the leading portal on the internet for the dental industry. It provides information-based resources catering to dental professionals and consumers. Their web site receives over 12 million hits per month. Services for dental practitioners include free online listings, premier e-mail accounts, and newsletters/articles. Consumers receive access to the largest search engine of dental professionals and products, as well as opportunities to contact featured Dentistry.com specialists through an online consultation page. (
Episode #91

Two billion pages of business plans?
That is the 5-year plan for WSN, an Internet Business Incubator and holdings company with over 2,000 joint venture business domains and charitable foundations. It generates training, advertisement and transactional income through online community building and profit sharing. WSN says they will organize millions of members for hundreds of spin-off corporations during the current narrowband period and will then expand to thousands of corporations when broadband is readily available in the next 3 years. Each broadband company will consist of 10,000 members who will upgrade their text and graphic content to video and virtual reality using WSN's online digital media library. (
Episode #90) 


The ultimate fiber optic networking system?
A company called PurOptix has developed the ultimate networking system to bring telephone, television, and ultra-high-speed Internet to consumers and businesses on an all fiber optic network infrastructure. From a utility company in the mid-west to Middle-East countries, the PurOptix System has attracted the attention of leading companies providing voice, video, and data services to metropolitan areas. Replacing the existing telephone and cable networks with an all-optical network solution is the way of the future, and the professionals at PurOptix pride themselves at being at the forefront of this change. We go to Pat Matthews for the report...(
Episode #89

How advanced membrane transducers will revolutionize many industries
The Porrazzo AMT Advanced Membrane Transducer can be used as a microphone, antenna, speaker, and a sensor and can perform these tasks simultaneously! BWN uncovers the man behind the product and its many applications. (
Episode #88

Buying Insurance via the Internet - Is it safe and will it save money?
The life insurance industry has gone high tech---and to consumer advantage. The very idea of paying for life insurance, or any type of insurance for that matter, is unappealing to most of us, but Bardes Consulting says that they can provide AAA rated insurance at a fraction of the cost of traditional insurance companies. How?
Doug Eberhart investigates. (
Episode #87



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