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Operating your PC by eye 
10,000 crippling accidents occur in America annually, where victims become permanently disabled, to the point of complete paralysis. A young start up company called EyeTech Digital Systems is a high-tech computer hardware and software developer which integrates eye-tracking technology into practical and affordable solutions. Scientists believe that this latest technology will be instrumental in allowing these challenged individuals a ray of hope in contributing positively to their lives and society at large. The Automotive industry is reviewing this technology seriously for applications we've only previously dreamed of. 
Lisa Achtenhagen has the story. (Episode #86

How Ecommerce is affecting traditional bricks and mortar companies 
In this segment, we Spotlight
eBots, a company that helps large and medium sized organizations transition to a newer, integrated way of doing business. (Episode #85) 



On-Line Pedophiles - What Internet Companies Are Doing To Protect Our Children
"Our next Spotlight is a blunt message to all Pedophiles. Beware! The next time you think of luring our nations innocent into your demented world, think again."

That's the message one company out of Tustin, California wants to get out to all Pedophiles. The company is MIRD, Millenium Internet Research & Development that has developed an exclusive filtering system called Netsafe which identifies keywords and phrases normally found within the realm of Pedophilia conversation. (Episode #84


How The Latest Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques Promise A Shorter Hospital Stay, Less Pain And A Faster Recovery Time
BWN shows how Applied Medical has become the leader in medical device technology for new minimally invasive and established surgical procedures. Their portfolio of 230 pending or issued patents spans 19 technologies and over 250 products for Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, General Surgery and Urology. Pat Matthews talked with these scientists and gains insight about the new path of surgeries in the future. (
Episode #83






Nicotine - The New Wonder Drug for Treating Heart Disease?
How Endovasc  intends to win the battle against heart disease and cancer using liposomes.
(Episode #82)


Accessing the wireless web while on the move 
How law enforcement is embracing ElectroCom's patented high tech solutions. (Episode #81)



Wholesale mortgage financing for the sub-prime residential market
How SouthStar Funding  became one of the top non-conforming mortgage lenders in the Eastern United States. (Episode #80)



Digital wireless television vs. Cable
Digital Broadcast Corporation provides some clear answers to this raging debate. (Episode #79)



Firearm safety - fast solutions needed for a growing crisis
With gun related tragedies occurring more frequently in the U.S., the risks to our families and children are becoming unacceptable. Liberty Safe offers some practical solutions. (Episode #78)



LASIK - how safe is it really?
Will it make contacts and prescription eyeglasses obsolete? BWN goes behind the scenes of Lasik Vision , one of the largest and fastest-growing laser vision correction companies in this exploding industry. (Episode #77)



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