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Finding expert medical witnesses
Medical experts, testifying as expert witnesses, provide scientific findings of fact. When you are faced with litigation, whether you are a defendant or a plaintiff, having the best possible forensic evidence often determines whether you win or lose. How Benchmark became the leader.
(Episode #63)



Stopping high speed pursuits and car theft in their tracks
Each year there are thousands of vehicle pursuits across the nation. The FBI estimates between 1.5 to 2 million vehicles are stolen annually. Created by two LAPD officers, STOVACT puts the brakes on high speed pursuits and car theft. (Episode #62)


Pork, the other white meat - How safe is it?
goes behind the scenes of Farmer John, a leading provider. (Episode #60)


Themed restaurants - who's succeeding among the glut? 
How Pasta Pomodoro has become San Francisco's most popular restaurant chain by bringing back value to demanding customers.
(Episode #59)



Pac Man's 20th birthday
Video games are manufactured by the thousands and placed in arcade environments where there is no supervision and censorship - how does this 20 year old veteran created by NAMCO stack up? (Episode #56)


Treating sun-damaged skin
sufferers of Rosacea

BWN explores the latest advances and Spotlights a revolutionary treatment known as Fotofacial. (Episode #55)



The salsa craze - surpassing catsup sales in the U.S.
What Walker Foods is doing to meet and spur the increased demand... (Episode #54)





Crisis in the health care industry: the long term care dilemma.
BWN Spotlights an issue that touches everyone and helps an HMO (SCAN) get national legislation passed. Congressman Bill Thomas and Senator Jay Rockefeller are interviewed by BWN's senior correspondent in Washington. (Episode #53)





Real estate disclosure
BWN Spotlights the creators of the real estate disclosure industry, Property I.D. They revolutionized the processes by which sellers and agents could attain the necessary information to meet their legally imposed disclosure obligations. By amassing the largest and most accurate real estate hazard information databases, Property I.D. has allowed agents and sellers to satisfy all of their disclosure requirements in one simple step. 
(Episode #52)


Safety in the air - who's responsible?
Every year an average of 1.5 billion passengers travel by air. BWN Spotlights a major player in the aerospace industry, Schlosser Forge, responsible for forging life critical aerospace parts so vital to our safety. (Episode #51)


Gaining an edge in corporate communications
BWN looks at the creative minds behind the images responsible for influencing many of our buying decisions and how JP Marketing takes Corporate America to the consumer.
(Episode #50)


Film and television distribution
BWN Spotlights Vision Entertainment, a leader in the entertainment fulfillment industry. (Episode #49)



One manufacturer - twenty BILLION units per year
Diamond Brands is the world's largest manufacturer of matches, toothpicks, cutlery, and candles. They produce over 20 billion matches per year - more than three for every person on the planet. (Episode #48)


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