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Phoning via the internet
BWN Spotlights the originator of online overseas telephone services, NetUSA. (Episode #33)



Outsourcing facilities maintenance and temp staffing
How Bay Span became the premier on-site facilities maintenance and temporary personnel staffing solution for companies like Netscape and Stanford Research Institute. (Episode #32)




Can small, independent banks survive?
In a world of big mergers and conglomerates how Foothill Independent Bank has managed to stay true to its vision and customers while remaining independent. (Episode #28)



Robots replacing human workers
BWN Spotlights Genmark, a world leader in automated robotic manufacturing. Their robotics use G.P.S. and lasers for precision. (Episode #27)




On-line Super Stores
How appliedComputer has become the world's largest on-line source for computers while issuing less than five returns/RMAs per month for the last 12 years. (Episode #26)


Digital printing 
BWN explores the latest advances in digital printing, high-speed copying, color copies, offset printing and graphics services. ZBC provides up to the minute answers. (Episode #25)


Transforming business into E-Business
How TDI has become the leading innovator of E- Business Management Systems and Java solutions. (Episode #22)



Low cost satellite systems
spotlights Deskin Research Group and its newly licensed Leo One satellite system.  (Episode #20


Latest trends in commercial real estate brokerage
How WAYNE MASCIA ASSOCIATES assembled the finest team of CRE professionals in the industry. (Episode #19)


Transporting difficult items across country
3-Way Transportation can store, ship, and move items as diverse and large as satellites, huge clean room machines, complete companies and trade show booths. (Episode #15)



Latest advances in the construction industry
How Webcor Builders has become one of the nation's top building contractors. Currently building the new Pacific Stock Exchange in San Francisco and the first new major hotel in San Francisco in 10 years. They built Oracle's World headquarters. (Episode #14)



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