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Why Johnny can't sleep
Is sleeping alongside baby dangerous? Arm's Reach provides some helpful answers. (Episode #12)


Finding flexible solutions for employee benefits
How Custom Benefit Group has succeeded by specializing in on going custom benefits management for companies who require flexible solutions. (Episode #9)


High Tech Trade Schools
How Northwestern Polytechnic University achieves 100% job placement for graduates and a 50% pay increase for working graduates year after year. Silicon Valley's leading trade school enables students to become proficient with high-end computer hardware and software systems. (Episode #8)


Advances in the travel agency industry
BWN Spotlights Casto Travel, one of the first agencies to offer reservation services like satellite ticket printers, on-site travel centers, dedicated agent telecommuting, dedicated Travel Management Consultants, airport concierge services, visa/passport specialists and travel seminars. (Episode #7)


Toxic toys - Barbie doll lips
How Coatings Resource Corp. has carved out a successful niche in the paint manufacturing industry by creating paints for toys. CRC is one of the few companies in existence able to meet strict government regulations. Only vendor allowed to paint lips on Barbie dolls. (Episode #6)



Yacht and boat storage / maintenance
How California Recreation Company has become the most successful harbor management company on the West Coast. (Episode #5)




Employee recruitment problems?
BWN Spotlights one of the most successful employee leasing services in the country. National Companies secures applicants, screens, hires, takes on responsibility for disciplinary actions, payroll & accounting services, safety training of employees, etc. (Episode #4)



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