Each half-hour episode presents current demands or issues and then Spotlights up to five non-competing organizations worldwide which offer the best solutions - from global conglomerates to tiny startups, non-profits, and "mom & pops." HWN takes viewers on location and behind closed doors to show what key execs are doing to remain successful, innovative and competitive during these uncertain times. Renowned experts and opinion leaders share their vision and candid opinions regarding the companies they feel are best poised to solve the challenges and demands their industries will face in the near future.

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T O P   S T O R I E S



Major Carriers Raising Long Distance Rates

As the era of falling long distance rates and fierce competition between the major carriers comes to an end, lean and aggressive companies like OPEX meet the need for competitive long distance rates. These up-and-coming companies battle the major carriers by offering low rates and superb customer service.



New Hope for Children Struggling to Learn Basic Skills

Scientists developed a professional tool to help children who are not getting the education they need because of overwhelmed schools. Known as ALEKS, the computerized system analyzes a child's current understanding and creates a precise training plan to fill in the gaps in that child's learning. More powerful than a private tutor, ALEKS is also much cheaper, using the Internet to evaluate and educate a child.



Business people help poverty-stricken children

The terrorist attacks of September 11 changed lives. One outcome of the change is the realization by hard-driving business people that they need to contribute to the world around them. World Vision, a humanitarian relief organization that helps poverty-stricken children worldwide, is discovering support from a group that has been under-represented in the past: young business people and their corporations.



Business Communications since 9-11

Waters Design, forced to relocate because of World Trade Center tragedy, prevails by balancing innovative thinking with discipline. Firm picks itself up after tragedy and continues on, helping companies clearly define and convey who they are, what they are doing, and where they are going. John Waters, founder, looks back on September 11th and notes, "The work has certainly intensified. The need for design is even greater now. The need for clarity in communications is much greater."


A solution for the "Unbankables"

Almost thirty million people in the United States fall into the section of society referred to in the economic world as "Unbankables." These people with low incomes do not have the funds to maintain a bank account. They are hard-working Americans living from paycheck to paycheck in a world of high check-cashing fees and poor credit. One company has a unique solution that uses the efficiencies of the Internet to create on-the-fly ATM-style cash cards for these Americans. (Episode #111)


The gardener's and landscaper's dream

Have you ever abandoned a gardening or landscaping project because you simply couldn't find the tools or support to create your dream garden? We found a company that delivers professional- grade gardening and landscaping products at an affordable price tag and with a strong commitment to support the consumer. (Episode #110)