Each half-hour episode presents current demands or issues and then Spotlights up to five non-competing organizations worldwide which offer the best solutions - from global conglomerates to tiny startups, non-profits, and "mom & pops." HWN takes viewers on location and behind closed doors to show what key execs are doing to remain successful, innovative and competitive during these uncertain times. Renowned experts and opinion leaders share their vision and candid opinions regarding the companies they feel are best poised to solve the challenges and demands their industries will face in the near future.

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T O P   S T O R I E S


Hoodia Products, LLC.

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Made of 100% Hoodia gordonii, POWERSLIMTM is a pure, all-natural dietary supplement that aids in weight loss through appetite suppression. No more lifestyle-changing regimes. No unnatural substances. With POWERSLIMTM, you can lose weight safely and effectively by controlling the amount you eat and allowing your body to naturally burn off fat. POWERSLIMTM also offers you unmatched benefits. With 400mg of quality-tested Hoodia gordonii plant per capsule, it's the first product of its kind widely available that packs enough power to truly stop those hunger pangs.


Website: www.hoodiaproducts.com

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Passages Malibu

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Passages Malibu offers a holistic approach to drug rehab and alcohol rehab. Their methods offer total recovery from addiction and show how to heal the underlying causes of addiction, prevent relapse, and end suffering. The Passages method offers hope with an entirely different approach to rehab: alcohol and drugs are never the problem, but the solutions chosen by addicts and alcoholics to cope with underlying conditions. Once the real problems are uncovered and treated, the substance abuse disappears. For more information on Passages Malibu or the groundbreaking new book, “The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure, A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery,”

please go to: www.passagesmalibu.com

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With its wide selection of pre-paid telephone calling cards, Teleconnect is at the forefront of offering customer service behind their low rates. Teleconnect provides phone support in eight languages, including English and four Spanish dialects.

For more information, please go to: www.teleconnect.es.

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TV Quality Images Now Available via Videophone

Every week, approx. 125,000 U.S. households sign up for high-speed connections to the internet via DSL or cable modem. With all this growth, broadband companies are anxious to provide new services that can only be used with high-speed internet technology - services like videophone calling. One product currently on the market is the VisiFone.

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La Stella Lighting is a specialty house, where the collaboration of creative ideas come together to bring the ultimate lighting design for discriminating environments. They create colored glass gems in patterns and motifs designed to complement custom engineered, handcrafted frames. Their signature fused glass process brings a cutting edge technique to sculptural lighting. It is described as poetry in glass – a world of color, emotion and illumination!

Website: www.lastellalighting.com

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Made from the whole-fruit puree of the highly prized mangosteen fruit, XanGo's proprietary formulation captures the essence of this magical fruit universally known as the "Queen of Fruits." XanGo is the world's first and only product to contain the whole fruit of the mangosteen. The proprietary Xanthone Rich Formulation is actually patented!




Why wouldn’t you go Classifieds2go?

Half of all internet traffic these days is attributed to people checking out classified ads, but the cost of putting those ads online can be over 100-thousand dollars. So how does a small business get on the net at a reasonable price? One company is the low cost answer for many. Classifieds2go.com offers the software and webhosting needed by small and medium market media outlets to go online and at the same time, still stay local, at an affordable price.



Technology Makes Powered Gates Safer

Powered gates not only help keep us secure, they’ve become a lot safer to use. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than two thousand people each year are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries due to gates that reversed only after they hit an automobile or person. Now, a company in Florida called Invisa has developed a technology that builds an invisible, non-contact safety and security field precisely where it is needed. The sensor, called InvisaShield, moves with the gate and detects a person or car before actually making contact.

For more information, Please go to: http://www.invisa.com

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Integrate to Innovate

BWN Spotlights Fujitsu / Amdahl Corporation, a leading systems integrator for the world's most compute-intensive corporations and governments.

CEO David Wright shares insights about the tech world and why Amdahl is succeeding despite the downturn in the economy.

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New Infrastructure Crisis

Updating America's Water Grid

The Blackout of 2003 and the failure of our “3rd world country” power grid may have shed some light on another challenge facing this country. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our nation's water grid and waste water infrastructure is deteriorating due to gross under investment over the past few decades. One of the few companies with proven technology designed to address both the economic and environmental aspects of rebuilding the water grid is called HydroFlo.

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Latest tools for CTS

The average person who works at a computer clicks a mouse 3,000 to 5,000 times a day. This repetitive action causes fatigue from loss of blood flow to the muscles. It only takes a few years of this kind of strain to cause "Repetitive Strain Injury" or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). BWN spotlights the latest tools to prevent and possibly even heal this painful affliction.



A new business approach may be saving money and jobs. The approach, called "Laborgistics," is a concept that replaces the outdated model of outsourcing and brings a new dimension to international manufacturing. Where outsourcing has been based almost exclusively on rapid cost reduction and short-term tactics, International Outsourcing Services has developed "Laborgistics" as a long-term, strategic solution for global business. This new approach has even gained the attention of Dr. Dominique Roux, an award-winning economist and management professor, who presents an in depth technical analysis of Laborgistics in his book "Laborgistics: A New Strategy for Management". To learn more about the book and about International Outsourcing Services, please visit www.laborgistics.com and www.iosnet.com.

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From Contemporary to Casual: Futon Furniture Fits Your Lifestyle

From Contemporary to Casual: Futon Furniture Fits Your Lifestyle

Comfortable, versatile and functional, the modern futon is attracting quite a following. What was once purchased as a "spare" sleeping surface for the guest room or den, is now a focal point in any room’s furnishings. Quality-made, durable futon furniture is an excellent value, considerably less expensive than a traditional convertible sofa bed, and is available in a range of styles to fit any budget and décor. To learn more about the comfort and enjoyment of futon furniture, visit www.futon.org.


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We have smoke on board! We can't see anything!

At least once every day, a pilot somewhere must make an unscheduled landing because of smoke in the cockpit. Smoke from a fire, short-circuit, or smoldering mechanical failure can cause pilots to lose control of their aircraft, turning a manageable emergency into a deadly crash. The solution for this problem exists and regulators are now considering requiring it on airlines.



Talk to your TV? Now it listens!

A company based in the United Kingdom is bringing the dream of interactive TV to homes now. iSeeTV technology will bring personalized one-on-one contact through television into homes everywhere. Futuristic experiences such as individual medical help, personalized shopping services, and unique entertainment are now being delivered into homes in test markets in the U.K., and will be coming to the United States soon.




The newest technology in polyurethane based resins is now on the market. Resin Systems, Inc. has developed a stronger, lighter and greener material for commercial and consumer use. This newest resin is 100% environmentally safe to manufacture and practically indestructible. It is being used for utility poles, hockey stick shafts and now the latest craze in extreme sports, the Hillbilly board, which is described as a snowboard on wheels.


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56K Modem  or  ISDN/DSL



A New Technology

A new technology, used in the recovery of the Space Shuttle Columbia, is being rolled out to public safety and emergency services teams throughout rural America. Approved last year by the FCC, DataStorm satellite technology enables authorities to transmit time-sensitive information in an instant, even in places where there are no phone lines and cell phones won’t work.


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CyberAds Inc. (CYAD:OTCBB) - is a holding company of several subsidiaries with its core operations being real estate and land development projects. Having recently acquired a 22% interest in a luxury motor coach country club, 'The Vineyards,' it is in the process of acquiring other real estate holdings. CYAD's other subsidiaries are, Freecellular.com, ApprovedBankcard.com, and BeneficialHealthCare.com.

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Over 2.5 Million bags go missing or are mishandled each year in the U.S. alone... Will your bag be one of them? BWN spotlights AmazingTags.com.



BWN spotlights People of Earth, an international non-profit organization committed to bringing peace, health, and education to the children of the world through music and technology. By creating interactive educational systems and captivating music, People of Earth provides assistance to children in need; offers cultural lessons, and delivers messages of peace, unity and acceptance. Children become aware of shared characteristics and values of all humans, and at the same time will come to know and appreciate differences; learning to live as friends and making world peace possible.