Corporate America Employs Alternative Methods to Break TV AD Clutter

While Traditional Spots Prove Less Effective, New Magazine Shows Offer An Answer

Studio City, CA - A recent study published in the Journal of Advertising Research found that the typical American is exposed to over 500 advertising messages a day. Numbers like that result in ad clutter, and no medium perpetuates that more than television. Network prime time is 24 percent advertising content, and, according to a study by BBDO Advertising, broadcast time devoted to commercial messages has increased almost two minutes an hour since 1990. The result: messages that advertisers depend on to reinforce their brand image become increasingly less effective.

But there?s a new trend allowing companies, large and small, to cut through the clutter. It?s a magazine-show format that in each episode takes viewers behind the scenes of successful corporations. Leading programs like "Business World News," "Champions of Industry," and "Heartbeat of the City" air on network affiliate stations, cable networks, and even run on airlines, cruise lines and other venues.

For example, the "BUSINESS WORLD NEWS" format allows advertisers to move beyond the restrictive 30-second TV spot and create a more in-depth, dynamic and interesting profile of their companies, products and brand personalities. And more importantly, presents viewers with information that interests, educates and entertains.

A recent episode of "BUSINESS WORLD NEWS" spotlighted Technicolor, a company that patented film processing nearly 85 years ago, and is now the world?s largest manufacturer of prerecorded videocassettes. Viewers were taken on a tour of the facility and introduced to branches of the business they otherwise wouldn?t have known about - a luxury companies are afforded when their spotlights are10 times the length of the traditional TV spot.

And because "BUSINESS WORLD NEWS" is the paid advertisement, company spotlights are presented commercial-free, clutter-free.

One look at the recent growth "BUSINESS WORLD NEWS" and other shows in the field have experienced and it?s easy to see how popular this advertising trend is becoming. "Business World News" has begun its third broadcast season with nationwide airings on CBS affiliates and major cable networks to over 79 million households, not to mention viewers onboard USAirways, Princess Cruises and SkyWest-Delta connection flights.

Each 30-minute episode takes viewers behind the scenes of up to six successful and innovative companies in almost every industry imaginable-ranging from global conglomerates to Internet start-ups.

"BUSINESS WORLD NEWS" Emmy-award winning hosts and reporters have featured INTEL?s Andy Grove, the top execs at IBM, Boeing, Motorola and Rhythms NetConnections, as well as the producers behind the hit TV shows "Ally McBeal" and "The Practice."

"BUSINESS WORLD NEWS" is currently in production on "Millennial Special" episodes spotlighting companies that the series? analysts cite as "best poised to solve the challenges and demands their industries will face in the 21st Century." CEOs, opinion leaders and industry analysts share their vision and candid opinions on who?s hot and who?s not, opportunities being successfully exploited and missed, new products and technologies, breakthroughs, future challenges, etc.

"We have high standards for those we spotlight in the series," says Jeffery Goddard, executive producer of "Business World News." "Candidates must pass scrutiny of our selection committee and be truly newsworthy." Goddard is a long-time member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, a frequent judge for the Emmy Awards and owner of TVA Productions, one of the West Coast?s largest independent business television and video production companies. TVA?s production and news team has won more than twenty Emmy, Clio, Telly and Aegis awards.

So while ad noise may only get worse, innovative marketing vehicles like "Business World News" and others are helping companies get their message through loud and clear---by turning vision into visuals, image into income.

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