"BUSINESS WORLD NEWS," "HEALTH WORLD NEWS" and "ENTERTAINMENT WORLD NEWS" reach a television viewership defined as adults 25-54 years old skewing more male than female. We appeal to persons who are employed in Business/ Managerial/ Executive occupations, primarily in the $45,000 + annual income level. Our viewing audience consists of those that are college educated (a significant percentage with additional degrees), professionals, home owners, and credit card holders. These viewers have a much higher index than average for multiple member families, automobile purchases, vacation resort usage, electronics purchases and generally consume more news programs and publications.

To best reach our target viewer, we air our program when this demographic group is most likely watching television. It would be futile for us to air this program during the weekday when the business community is at work, or late night after they have retired. For this reason we choose to air our programs on National Cable Networks (exceeding 42 million HH) on weekend mornings 7:30 am 12:00 pm, and during primetime hours (5:30 pm - 9:30 pm) when our target viewership is highest.

"BUSINESS WORLD NEWS," "HEALTH WORLD NEWS" and "ENTERTAINMENT WORLD NEWS" are approved for airing in literally ever television market in America, from the largest metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and New York to markets ranked 500+ with local cable systems. Therefore we are ensuring our program coverage in nearly 100% of all television households in America. Our networks have the highest level of viewer recognition and are known for their quality programming. Our program had to pass a stringent critical review and approval process for clearance on these networks.

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