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V.O.: “Would you pay $34,000 for a diamond ring you saw on a television home shopping network? One woman did and she’s just the tip of the iceberg of this new shopping phenomenon. And while this stunning ring could be the most expensive item ever sold on a TV shopping network, more and more American’s are turning on their TV’s and tuning in to luxury.”

Woman 1:
“The quality of the products is absolutely amazing, just like Barneys or Neiman Marcus, it just has that upscale that you want.

Mark Miller.:
“Whether it’s diamonds, whether it’s Rolex watches, whether it’s Cartier, whether it’s Chanel sunglasses, on the Ultimate Shopping Network what we try to do is stay in a niche that we believe is untapped. That untapped niche is the upper-end market.

Kitt Pomodoro:
(Red carpet clip) “Do you prefer diamonds or pearls?”

Red Carpet Montage

V.O.: “But you don’t have to be in Hollywood to buy these exclusive items. At the Ultimate Shopping Network, you don’t pay Hollywood prices. So just how do they do it?”

Mark Miller:
“We deal directly with the source. We deal with no middle men, no whole sellers. We’re able to take that cost that they have put into product of traditional other retailers, take that cost out, pass that consumer the great value that they see on high-ended better-branded product.”

“What began with one shopping network twenty-seven years ago has expanded to become a multi-billion dollar television shopping industry accounting for over nine billion dollars in sales per year.”

Woman 2:
“We are actually doing three hours of some of the finest designer jewelry you will ever see.”

Mark Miller:
“Not only do we offer just great unique better quality upper end branded goods, we’re offering them at a value you can’t find anywhere else. We’re not a middle of the road, we’re not a Macy’s, Nordstrom-type everything for everybody.”

“As the only television shopping network west of the Mississippi with studios in the heart of Los Angeles, the Ultimate Shopping Network knows a little bit about glitz, glamour, and the luxuries that get Tinseltown hearts racing.”

Mark Miller:
“We’re the luxury brand of television shopping”