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This next story takes goal setting to a whole new level

How would you like to climb the highest mountains, fly at the speed of sound, explore the ocean in a submarine, run a five minute mile, parachute from a plane, read the encyclopedia cover to cover, or play classical music on the piano?

These are some of the dreams John Goddard had as a child, and at age 15 he included these on a list -- 127 things he would like to do or see or experience during his lifetime.

His new book, "The Survivor” details how Goddard completed 111 of the original 127 goals and 515 more from subsequent lists made.

His book has just been published by the same publishers of the best seller, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" (60 million copies sold to date).



From the Publisher of “The Survivor”

John Goddard, a career explorer and adventurer, experienced many thrilling close calls with death during his adventurous life. As told in one of the most memorable stories in the original Chicken Soul for the Soul, when he was a boy, John Goddard made a list of 127 things he would like to do in his life, from living with pygmies in Africa and headhunters in Borneo to exploring the world's greatest rivers and highest peaks.

The Survivor captures some of these adventures as it follows his experiences from boyhood, through his teen years and into adulthood. Each individual adventure is sure to thrill readers-from the exquisite details of exotic locales, to the raw power of Pacific storms, to the hair-raising brushes with death-always emphasizing the danger and exhilaration intrinsic to the adventurous life. Unique to this book, though, is the author's reverence for life and all living things, his honesty in admitting his own recklessness, his awe and gratitude to the supreme force that miraculously allowed him to survive each of these close calls with death, and his ability to use his experiences and the lessons he learned to set and achieve clear, meaningful goals. This great read will entertain and inspire people to live their dreams.


Author Biography

John Goddard, one of the world's most famous explorers and adventurers, led the first expedition in history down the entire 4,200 mile-long Nile, the world's longest river. The Los Angeles Times called it "the most remarkable adventure of this generation." He was also the first man to explore the entire length of Africa's 2,700-mile-long Congo River. Goddard has been the subject of numerous articles in magazines such as National Geographic, Life and Reader's Digest and over 200 television shows. His book Kayaks Down the Nile recounts his first major expedition.

His book, "Kayaks Down the Nile" is the story of John Goddard's greatest accomplishment. Leading the expedition with two French explorers, all three in kayaks, Goddard traversed 4,145 miles of river: the world's longest. Nearly drowned in a cataract, attacked by wild hippos and vicious dogs, almost buried alive in a sandstorm, scorched by the sun, shot at by 30 Egyptian river pirates, stoned by a mob of hostile Arabs, ravaged by malaria and dysentery, the three "Nileteers" survived them all. Kayaks Down the Nile is Goddard's exciting, day-to-day account, depicting the cultures of the peoples along the Nile and the adventure of true explorers.

The TV Special will focus on his most challenging expedition, the Nile---but show how he developed the mental and physical discipline needed to explore not only the world's longest rivers, but also climb the highest mountains, fly the fastest and most advanced jet aircraft, how to skydive, fence, play the flute, and dozens of other achievements that most only dream about.



The LA Times called him, "The real life Indiana Jones" and one of his expeditions, "the most amazing adventure of this generation."

He is John Goddard, one of the world's most famous anthropologists, explorers, and adventurers.

Included in his accomplishments are leading 14 major expeditions into the world's most hostile, remote areas. Five of his adventures were into Africa, exploring the last unknown territories of the "Darkest Continent". John Goddard was the first man to explore the entire lengths of the world's two most uninhabited, unexplored and dangerous rivers, the Congo, and the Nile. Traveling over four thousand miles in kayaks, his 1950 Nile Expedition has never been duplicated. Others have attempted, only to fail. A 1995 expedition ended tragically.

"The August 1995 attempt on the river by the South African, Isabindi White Water Rafters, was terminated by two crocodile attacks..." J. B. Nuwe, Chief Park Warden, Uganda National Parks.

Just one year later, another attempt failed despite being heavily financed with the most modern equipment available today. John Goddard's accomplishment, nearly fifty years ago, is truly one of the most spectacular adventures of our time.

"You're embarking on the kind of experience that happens once in a generation. If you succeed, you'll make history. If you fail it'll cost you your lives." ..... District Commissioner, Urundi, Africa.

This special will profile this remarkable man, his achievements and the goals he still wants to fulfill. It is the true saga of danger and adventure most people only dream about. It is also the story about John Goddard, the 15 year old boy who one rainy afternoon wrote on a pad, "My Life List." He then went on to list 127 goals he wanted to fulfill in life. Goddard has completed all but eight from his original list, while adding hundreds of others. He has been credited with conducting anthropological studies of 260 tribal societies from pygmies in central Africa, head hunters in Borneo, Australian aborigines, the Ainu in Japan and cannibals in the Amazon.

He's scaled 12 of the highest mountains and set records as a civilian jet flier, setting a speed record of 1500 mph in the F-111 and an altitude record of 63,000 feet in the F-106. Goddard's exploits have been featured in The National Geographic Magazine, Life, Readers Digest, People, and others. His life was honored on the new "This Is Your Life" television show.

Today, Goddard is one of the most sought after guides through Africa. He leads small groups along paths he carved, an Africa very different from when he first ventured there. We will follow John on one of those tours and see the old and new Africa through the eyes of this extraordinary explorer.

Through never before seen footage taken of his original expeditions we'll tell the story of Goddard's historic adventures....... adventures that almost cost him his life on several occasions. He's nearly drowned four times, been attacked by wild hippos, rampaging elephants, crocodiles, and vicious dogs, shot at by Egyptian pirates, stoned by hostile natives, nearly buried alive in a sandstorm, survived desert temperatures of over 140 degrees, bitten by a poisonous snake, trapped in quicksand, crashed in planes, and was plagued by rare jungle diseases.

At the beginning of the Nile journey, no one thought Goddard and his two French companions would succeed or even live to tell about it.

When asked, what was the most difficult thing he had to endure? Goddard is quick to answer:

"Keeping from starving to death. We were emotionally unable to shoot game. And when natives offered to share their meat, knowing how scarce their supply was, we were reluctant to accept."

John and his two French companions did survive. But on his Congo Expedition, two years later, he witnessed the drowning of his best friend, only 400 miles from the end. Among the numerous accolades received, Goddard was one of the youngest ever to be inducted into the prestigious Explorers Club of New York.

The TV Special will show how movies, wild animal preserves, and theme parks try to show us what untamed Africa was like, a discovery only Goddard and a few other living persons know firsthand. Every day hundreds of thousands of men, women and children are indirectly entertained by his African exploits when they ride the Disneyland Jungle Cruise, that Roy Disney Sr. said was inspired by the expeditions led by John Goddard, THE SURVIVOR.