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MARK: Welcome to today's special SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS edition of BUSINESS WORLD NEWS. I’m Mark Kriski.

MARTI: And I’m Marti Johnson. We go on locations around the world and behind closed doors to show what some companies are doing to remain successful, innovative and competitive during these uncertain times.

MARK: Today we shine our Spotlight on an innovative internet company with a way to track your luggage via the world wide web, a firm that has created a supplement that its developers say can help prevent cancer, and a fitness company that says exercise is out – “cellercising” is in.

MARTI: That’ right Mark… but we’ll also be taking a look at the human side of successful business today. We’ll talk to a national sales executive who is using his own resources to reach out to people suffering from addiction with a message of hope and recovery. And we’ll meet two successful music industry professionals who are combining their talents in the hope of saving our children’s futures.

MARK: These are our exciting topics for today covering health, fitness, travel, and human interest, on this special SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS edition of BUSINESS WORLD NEWS.





MARTI: David Hall, known as “Mr. Rebounder,” has a bold, simple claim: “Don’t exercise, Cellercise —just 10 minutes a day toward vibrant health.” Dave has been seen on Good Morning America, CNN, and numerous radio talk shows.

MARK: Dave says instead of lifting weight away from gravity, Cellercising virtually increases the weight OF gravity on the entire body, at over 100 repetitions per minute. His whole program takes only 10 minutes a day and includes isometrics for toning, isotonics for building, calesthenics for targeting, and an aerobic program. His program is being used by thousands of people of all ages

MARTI: His concepts and wellness program called Cellology - the Four C’s of Anti-Aging” continue to attract attention. Jill Brown has the story...



MARTI: That really does look like a lot of fun! Imagine getting fit and enjoying it? That’s certainly not my experience with going to the gym!

MARK: I like the “10 minutes a day” aspect. It would be great to get the same results as an hour in the gym in a fraction of the time!

MARTI: Dave Hall says it can happen!




MARK: When it comes to the treatment of cancer, modern medicine has traditionally focused on the latest drug therapies and technological advancements, while little attention has been given to the actual PREVENTION of the disease.

Yet there’s an enormous amount of significant scientific data showing very compelling evidence that certain nutrients found in nature can significantly reduce your risk of getting cancer or recurrence if you have had cancer.

Due to these findings, a team of leading oncologists and cancer-prevention specialists set out to research the “best of the best” of these nutrients that they then combined into a single dietary supplement “cocktail” called Formula #18.

“Formula #18” contains 14 different natural ingredients selected because these ingredients exhibited the greatest cancer-prevention activity.

MARTI: That’s right Mark, and what’s really exciting is that Formula #18 is the first natural supplement of its kind to be rigorously monitored and tracked in a clinical trial launched to document its benefits over a wide range of participants all around the world.

This is an excellent opportunity for our viewers to be part of this ground breaking clinical trial that has the potential to minimize their risk of getting cancer or cancer recurrence.

The experts designing and directing this trial are quite impressive, Mark.

The Chief Medical Officer for the trial is a former Associate Director of the Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health as well as a former Chief of the National Cancer Institute’s Baltimore Cancer Research Institute, former Chief of Medical Oncology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center for 25 years, and a Professor of Medicine.

He is working together with a foremost cancer-prevention Senior Research Scientist, Steven Evans, President of Genetic Services Management, Inc. who will be in charge of the trial’s administration and data collection process.

Together they have over 200 medical publications or professional conference presentations, Mark. BWN Reporter Mark Bernheimer has more on this cancer prevention supplement and how you may be able to participate in the clinical trial.




MARK: Each year, more than two- and-a-half MILLION pieces of traveler’s luggage are lost or mishandled in the United States alone. Airlines and other travel organizations are required to keep the baggage for just a short time, and then they are allowed to auction off each piece of luggage to the highest bidder.

MARTI: If you’ve ever experienced the hassle and frustration of trying to recover lost luggage, and/or you want to avoid such a problem in the future, there’s a new Canadian company that has a solution that you should know about. Mark Bernheimer is at the Burbank Airport in California with a report about



MARTI: Thanks, Mark. Yes, it seems like these tags would be a truly AMAZING gift.

MARK: Absolutely… and the address again if you’re interested in buying them as a gift, or even for yourself, is WWW-Dot-Amazingtags-dot-com. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-T-A-G-S, Dot-com.




MARK: Our next story is about a man who made a miraculous recovery from a tragic boating accident off the coast of Florida a few years ago.

MARTI: But, as we learn from Judie Garcia, on assignment in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, there is a lot more to the story of this miracle recovery than meets the eye.



MARK: Thanks, Judie. It certainly is a compelling story. Hopefully, viewers who are fighting addiction will be able to see themselves in Jim F’s story and seek help through their local Twelve-Step program.




MARTI: It’s been said that music is THE international language.

Indeed, it is a routinely accepted fact by scholars throughout the socio-political world, that music is the only form of communication that knows no boundaries.

MARK: That’s right, MARTI.

We witness this in every Olympics festival, how music is the primary tool used to spread peace and goodwill among the nations.

Music is THE one common denominator that brings people together from every corner of the earth.

MARTI: Our next story is based on the power of music and the shared desire of two men to help bring peace and harmony to the youth of the world through music and technology. It is their plan to provide assistance to children in need, to teach about cultural differences, and to deliver regular messages of peace, unity and acceptance by developing a multi-media educational system, producing music, and hosting live concert performances for children around the world. It’s a story that, perhaps now more than ever before, the world needs to hear.

Rebekah Holly reports from Hollywood, California.



MARK: What an amazing story! Thanks, Rebecca. I wonder what the odds are against two individuals with similar aspirations to build a better world, possessing skills that complement each other so well, being able to actually hook up and then working together to make that dream become a reality?

MARTI: Yes, it IS an amazing story. And, we’ll be sure to follow it for you in the coming months, as there seems to be a lot of interesting new developments on the horizon.

MARK: You can find more information on the People of Earth project on their website at w-w-w-dot-people of earth-dot-com.



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MARK: From all of us here at Business World News, thanks for tuning in, I'm Mark Kriski.

MARTI: And I'm Marti Johnson. We hope you’ll join us next time for BUSINESS WORLD NEWS, “Spotlight on Success.”