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A video-based program will be developed for La Stella Lighting to use as a marketing and promotional tool. The program – running perhaps 5 to 7 minutes in length – will target architects and interior designers who work in the hospitality (hotels, restaurants, etc) and high-end residential markets.

The production design will follow a news-magazine format featuring:

• Objective voice-over narration.
• Supporting visuals of La Stella Lighting products, staff at work, etc
• On-camera interviews with key representatives of La Stella Lighting.
• A concluding Call to Action which features contact information for La Stella Lighting.

Key message points will emphasize the creativity and experience of the La Stella Lighting team, and the ability to work with fused glass to create dramatic solutions for an architect or designer’s interior spaces.





Open on black as a bare light bulb is suddenly turned on.


To many, lighting is nothing more than a simple way to illuminate a dark room.


Transition to an engaging montage of still and video images of samples of La Stella Lighting.


But to professionals who make their living creating unique environments, lighting is much more than that.

The right design in sculptural lighting can become nothing less than poetry in glass, opening the door to an entirely new world of design possibilities … a world of color, emotion, and illumination.


Transition to visuals of the La Stella team – GIULIANA DALSGAARD and STEPHEN PETERSON – working together, perhaps in the studio, reviewing plans or finished products.


That’s certainly the philosophy of the team behind La Stella Lighting – a specialty design studio located in Novato, California.
They believe that through a unique manufacturing process called glass fusion – in which one layer of glass melts onto another -- they can bring a cutting-edge look to lighting design.


Transition to close-up and detailed visuals of lighting samples.


With custom designs like these colorful fused-glass chandeliers, sconces and pendants, architects and interior designers are starting to take notice of La Stella Lighting,


Transition to an on-camera interview with:

Giuliana Dalsgaard
President, La Stella Lighting

She is identified on-screen with text graphics.

Tell us who you work with:

We specialize in design for the hospitality industry and residential market, and work directly with architects, and lighting and interior designers for restaurants, hotels, casinos, corporate facilities and high-end residential projects.

Using an array of spectacular colored glass, we add the elements of a light source within an intricate yet delicate frame to enhance the colors and texture of the glass – taking the vision of the designer and bringing it to life with our illuminated art.


Transition to more visuals of the showroom full of lighting samples.


La Stella Lighting believes that fused glass, along with customized frames, provides their clients with a broad array of design possibilities – from the most conservative to the most playful – with artistic taste and vision.


Transition to visuals of DALSGAARD meeting w/ a CLIENT. (Extra to be determined)


The design process begins with the La Stella team and their client discussing the scope and aesthetic requirements of the project. The aim is to ensure that all existing or proposed design elements are considered before any creative work has begun.


Transition to a sample of a CAD image on-screen.


Often, three-dimensional Computer Assisted Design is provided as an effective visual aid to show the designs, colors and dimensions of the proposed lighting sculpture.


Transition to another on-camera interview with DALSGAARD and/or STEPHEN PETERSON.

Tell us about your interaction with clients:

We capture a mood with our clients. We spark a conversation and excite them about the possibilities. All of us here have a lot of experience in developing creative design solutions to meet our clients' specific needs.

My role is to bridge the client's needs with the artists' expertise, providing individual attention to each order, and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Transition to visuals of STEPHEN PETERSON and GIULIANA DALSGAARD working on a new design in the studio.


The La Stella design team has a complete understanding of the intricacies of firing schedules and techniques along with other requirements that are critical to achieving the desired glass effects.

Color, size, thickness and compatibility are all factored into each firing.


Transition to an on-camera interview with:

Stephen Peterson Lead Designer, La Stella Lighting

He is identified on-screen with text graphics

Tell us about the design process:

All of our glass fusion is done in-house, in our state-of-the-art studio. Here, we’re able to control all the variables involved in creating the effects that we’re after.

It’s not only the glass, by the way. We give special attention to the framework as well. We think of it as building a stage that will showcase our glass gems, creating a truly harmonious melding of both glass and metal.


Transition to more visuals of STEPHEN PETERSON working with various lighting pieces.


La Stella Lighting is continually finding effective and energy-efficient solutions to structure, hanging units, light diffusion and glass composition. They engineer all fixtures to meet UL standards while maintaining the creative visions of their clients.


Transition to another on-camera interview segment with STEPHEN PETERSON.

Tell us what these solutions have provided to you:

As designers, the real challenge is bringing our clients’ creative vision to life. But we also find that these challenges provide new opportunities for us to produce unique and dramatic lighting solutions.


Transition to visuals of GIULIANA DALSGAARD walking a CLIENT (TBD) through the showroom, viewing featured selections.


As clients are led through La Stella Lighting's gallery, they’re treated to a diverse selection of fused glass chandeliers, sconces and pendants.

Together, they experience the vast possibilities that fused glass brings to lighting. And by viewing actual samples, clients can visually identify and select the desired effect they wish to achieve -- from color scheme to texture, character and mood.


Transition to another on-camera interview segment with GIULIANA DALSGAARD and STEPHEN PETERSON

Tell us why your design background helps you collaborate with clients:

The pieces in our gallery are only starting points to demonstrate what’s possible when it comes to sculptural lighting.

In working with design professionals, it’s important that we understand color theory. We understand design; and we understand how to support our clients to achieve effective lighting solutions for a particular environment.

As professionals with very strong work ethics, we really do pride ourselves in offering our clients the best in personal attention, quality service and creative vision.


Transition to an on-camera interview with:

Robbin Lee
(Firm name TBD)

He is identified on-screen with text graphics.

As a client, tell us about your experience working with La Stella:

I first became aware of the beauty of fused glass when I saw a La Stella Lighting chandelier hanging in a local glass art gallery.

So when I decided to design a unique fused glass chandelier for my home, this is the company I turned to.

Working with Giuliana and Stephen, we improved and refined my original design, and when the chandelier was complete, I was thrilled with the results -- an object of utility, beauty, and mystery. This chandelier is a wonderful addition to my home.

I would highly recommend La Stella to any design professional looking for dramatic and innovative lighting solutions.


Transition to a closing interview segment with GIULIANA DALSGAARD.

Cut away to visuals of prominent lighting pieces.


Tell us about your passion for lighting:

I have a lifelong love and fascination for the art of glass. And with the team we’ve put together here at La Stella Lighting, I believe we’re able to create glass art that brings color, imagination and illumination to life.

This is where the collaboration of creative ideas comes together to deliver the ultimate lighting design for any environment.


Close with contact information.

La Stella Lighting
52C Leveroni Court
Novato, CA 94949




To learn more about La Stella Lighting, visit their showroom in Novato. Or find them online at lastellalighting-dot-com.