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South American Travel

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Apr - Aug '01

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Nestled high in the Ecuadorian mountains, in the city of Quito, is a travel agency called Toppsa Travel that has established itself as the leading e-travel company of the region. BWN goes on location to show how Toppsa incorporates the most popular destinations (Galapagos Islands, Amazon Rain Forest, Andean Highlands, etc.) with effective technology applications in e-business. 

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About 1000 kilometers from the Ecuadorian Coast, there is a group of islands called "The Enchanted Islands". With volcanic origins, they are a unique and a truly "evolutionary laboratory" for all natural history enthusiasts. Charles Darwin visited these islands in 1835 and what he found there, inspired him to write one of the only and most influential books called "The Origin of Species". Unique species of birds, sea mammals, penguins and albatrosses are all found in this mystical place, even huge reptiles that look like iguanas, notoriously called the "Komodo Dragons" and the famous giant tortoises. All these elements create a zoological, biological and botanic wonder called the Galapagos Islands.


But how do you get there? I know I've always wondered, and finding a travel agency to take you there, hassle free, is next to impossible. So after much adieu, we found one. So we took our crew down to Ecuador in search of the Galapagos experience.


Nestled high in the Ecuadorian mountains, in the city of Quito, is a Travel Agency that caters specifically to those in search of the Galapagos experience. Known as TOPPSA Travel, the company started as a last minute broker for Ecuador and Peru, but soon expanded its services to meet the needs of the global market. 
Working with over 30 companies, providing them with allotments allocated for the worldwide market and accessed through their web site, TOPPSA says they guarantee instant confirmation at reduced rates for bookings within 60 days of your travel date.


This company says its concept is to offer easy access to one of the world's most attractive destinations and in doing so, offer immediate transaction solutions, thus servicing the global market with convenient travel options.

Q.1 Mr. Proa˙o, please, enlighten us, what made you decide to open the doors of the Galapagos to the global travel market? What made you think that the market was there to begin with?

Q.2 And what sort of response have you had from the global community to date?


The company says it has 23 different options for cruising the Galapagos Islands and other combined packages including avails in over 25 hotels, country inns, lodges and colonial haciendas. There are also exotic land tours and adventure outings such as white water rafting, horseback riding, trekking, fishing, diving and several special interest tours such as bird watching, archaeology and anthropology for which Ecuador and Peru have become quite famous.

Q.3 (Mark) We see that you offer several promotional packages, can you tell us about them?

Q.4 (Penny) Mr. Proa˙o, Penny Griego here, I've always wanted to go to the Galapagos Islands, can you explain to me, step by step, how I'd go about getting there?

Q.5 (Penny) Is it really as easy as that?

Q.6 (Mark) And we understand that your service is now available 365 days a year, with toll free lines, complimented by a fully operational Customer Service Center, how fast have you been expanding?


For travelers wishing to buy trips in the region, TOPPSA says their web site provides, easy, accessible information with extremely fast service support and secured transactions in real time. The company says its rate structure has been designed to facilitate their customers with the best available rates.


It's interesting Penny, this company has some amazing Adventure programs that they intend to market heavily to corporations around the globe, so I can see why they need to offer guaranteed services.

Well that's it for us, thank you all for joining us here on Business World News.