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  • For global organizations who need a flexible, scalable yet cost-effective software development function, Mastek claims to have over 7000 man-years of experience, achieved through the execution of more than 700 projects worldwide. Employing over 1000 people globally and established in 1982, Mastek provides software solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. BWN reports on their proven methodologies to increase IT Value Generation through scalable, mixed-mode development using a cost-effective blend of onsite, offsite and offshore development teams. BWN travels to Mubai India to get the story. 
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Even this late into the Internet age, many big companies struggle over what to do with the countless obsolete software languages from the 1980's and earlier. Converting these early applications into modern languages such as Java and other up-to-date platforms is an arduous task. It often requires re-writing the entire application protocol and many fledgling software firms have tried and failed to attack this problem head-on.

It has recently been said that India is to software in the 21st century, what Japan was to electronics in the 20th century. Why? The Indian IT companies say they deliver their product cheaper, better and with much faster solutions. The other IT companies beg to differ, so we investigated.

Global organizations that need a flexible, scalable and cost-effective software development function, are hunting for the right applications guru. Majesco Software, Inc., of Irving, Texas says they have a proven track record in software development for "Front Office" applications and e-business protocol. This area is one of the fastest growing fields today, and Majesco has reportedly developed a unique strategy with which to serve their customers. But who is Majesco? They're a subsidiary of Indian domiciled Applications firm, Mastek. 
And who is Mastek? An Applications Outsourcing company that says they provide a Virtual Extension to their customer's software development function. The company says they are committed to fulfilling their customer's Global IT vision. With proven methodologies to increase IT value generation, through scalable, mixed-mode development, the company uses a cost-effective blend of onsite, offsite and offshore development teams. 

Its been said that Mastek's global culture, value for people, and open atmosphere ensure a high level of alignment and intimacy with its customers. The company says that powered by its single-minded vision, its strategic business model is based on people and technology working in complete alignment towards fulfilling their customer's success. We go now to India and speak with CEO of Mastek, Mr Ketan Mehta.

Q.1 Mr. Mehta, you tell quite an interesting story, can you talk to us about where you are now in the roll out of your company's strategic plan.

Q.2 And your claims of being able to deliver your product cheaper, better and with faster solutions, how do you justify that?

Mastek Limited is a publicly held, global IT solutions company that has been growing at an annual rate of 60% over the past five years. The company claims to have over 7000 man-years of experience, achieved through the execution of more than 700 projects worldwide. Employing over 1000 people globally and established in 1982, Mastek has now graduated to providing software solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. 

Q.3 Now before this interview you've talked to our investigative team about your offshore model, can you explain that?

Q.4 (Mark) But Mr. Mehta, Mark Kriskie here, 200 of the Fortune 500 organizations have already used offshore development in India, is this thrust a major part of your business model? Why?

Q.5 (Mark) And you think that you're the best choice for companies who want to venture into the offshore arena?

The execs at Mastek say they follow a unique subsidiary business model that facilitates 'Customer Intimacy' and as a company with a multinational executive board, this is a dynamic that drives their short and medium term global business strategy. The company has wholly owned international subsidiaries in Germany, USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, and an office in Japan that caters to the needs of its specific regions. With revenues of US$ 58 Million in 1999-00, Mastek is ranked among the NASSCOM's TOP 20 Software Exporting Organizations from India. 

You know Mark, Mastek is reportedly one of the few Indian companies that has been consistently investing in R & D and has a dedicated R & D center. We also understand that one of their software applications, "FlexiSource", apparently supplies an applications maintenance solution, which optimizes the performance of their customer's system while reducing costs by up to 50%. 

Well maybe the Indians are the Japanese of the New Millennium. Up next, we look into ., so stay tuned.



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