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Accessing databases graphically


  • A picture is worth a thousand words. In the fast-paced global market, the problem isn't always a lack of information. Sometimes, the challenge is to "comprehend" what you "apprehend."
  • Techni Graphic Systems helps companies "visualize their business" by providing a full array of goods and services designed to make information visually accessible. From GIS and specialty software solutions, to Web Site creation and electronic commerce, TGS provides access to powerful databases graphically. 
Broadcast Excerpts

News Desk:

When a company contacts our newsroom and says they've got a great story, and what would it take to get it onto our show, it's no secret how difficult it has been for most companies to be selected for a spotlight on Business World News. With almost 300 story submissions a week, we choose less than 1%. So when Techni Graphic Systems told us they had an interesting story, we said OK, speak. And we sure got an earful.

In today's business climate, everyone feels the pressure of needing to do more with less. And maintaining status quo is no longer good enough. Improving your competitive edge is a must in order to be more effective. So today, we investigate Techni Graphic Systems, a company that claims to have found a way to make these goals a reality, with their INDUSTRIAL PINPOINTER, the latest development in aiding the industrial sales person in efficient and profitable time management. We have heard that some professionals have dubbed it "The Bible of Sales". Vic Gideon has the story.

On camera:

Industrial PinPointer is said to be a tool that generates a visual, market-defining snapshot of opportunity. It can reportedly increase the hit-rate of a sales professional dramatically, with sophistication and accuracy unlike any other database tool. Ask yourself, what happens to your bottom line if your sales team hits the bulls-eye 30% more often. Even those breaking into new markets with inexperienced or out-of-state sales people will be more successful. 

The competitive advantage and productivity gains are rooted in map-based knowledge. The PinPointer was designed to empower its users to define markets, visually locate more manufacturers and ultimately penetrate more targets. Data disks or CDs are also available for this directory. The Industrial PinPointer, as it's called, seems to be a unique tool that helps the sales professional establish customers. But why is this story so interesting to us? Because the PinPointer consists of almost 75% map pages, which pinpoint the location of every company in the most industrialized areas within each market. Each company in the PinPointer is also indexed alphabetically and includes the company name - contact person - products made - address - phone/fax numbers - SIC code and Number of employees. 

Techni Graphic Systems, the company behind this Pinpointer, says it attempted to make the most detailed and user friendly roadmap to success available for all markets. So they did just that, and now over 30 Chambers of Commerce have trusted them to publish their manufacturing directories as PinPointers.

Q.1 What are industrial PinPointers generally used for?

Q.2 What made you decide to do this?

Q.3 What makes PinPointer so different? 

The developers of PinPointer say they also provide company information on CD or disk and can customize a database to meet a client's marketing needs. They say that Marketing or Sales Managers will have a comprehensive overall view of a territory and its potential. And as all the information is also available on CD or disk, it can give a company an instantly verified database of potential customers. Strategic planning becomes more effective because each company has been located and pin pointed with location-based technology.

Q.4 What are some of the industries that use your PinPointer system? (show graphic of): Industries using Industrial PinPointers: 

On Camera: (Close)

Regardless of the industry or individual sales person, PinPointer is reported to put better information in the hands of sales teams, increasing their understanding of their markets, while locating every potential account. The system ultimately maps everything out so sales people can see Who is Next to Whom. In terms of sales efficiency and productivity gains, can you live without a laptop or a cell phone any more? If not, the developers of PinPointer say then you can't live without a PinPointer either; the benefits, they say, are that dramatic. I'm Vic Gideon, from Wooster, Ohio, reporting for Business World News.




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