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"A Gateway to Healthy Teeth"

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National #9


Mar - Aug '01

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How has become the leading portal on the internet for the dental industry with over 12 million hits per month.

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Recently health care has consistently become one of the most predominant topics in our daily lives. As one of the central themes of our last Presidential campaign, it has evoked heated debates amongst politicians and citizens alike. From insurance plans to Patients' Bill of Rights to the proliferation of HMO's, this topic has captivated much of the attention of the news media. And the central medium of dialogue on this topic? The Internet.


The Internet it is indeed, Penny, this "Gateway" has, within the last five years, become the leading source of information for most of us, and the Dental industry has effectively adopted it as a vital element in communicating with patients. So we decided to investigate one company in this field and get an insight as to how patients are benefiting from this new approach. Its called, a Web site that provides fun and informative gateways to dental health care, including extensive resources to the Dental industry worldwide. Dana Ditrani covers the story.

On Camera: says they invite you, the consumer, to discover the secret to healthy teeth and gums and explore the path to achieve that dynamic smile you've always wanted. There are also games for the entire family on this web site, offering entertainment and education for kids. Their theme: "Experience the magic of dentistry capable of enhancing your smile." That is the call of


The dental health care profession now encompasses services far beyond fixing teeth. The prevention of dental disease, meticulous restoration of healthy teeth and supporting structures, detection and management of temporomandibular dysfunction, orofacial pain and neoplasms, cosmetic and functional orthodontia and maxillofacial surgical techniques are only part of the vital benefits offered by general dentists and dental specialists.

On Camera: says they are proud to offer its global audience samples of clinical dentistry at its finest. In several categories, they demonstrate actual cases, contributed by select practitioners worldwide.

Q.1 How would a patient effectively find a dentist suitable for their needs on your site?

Q.2 What do you see as the major benefit that this site provides?


Acquaint yourself with a dentist before an unforeseen emergency. This is a practice that believes is the only real way to prevent undue costs in treating preventable oral diseases. Find a dentist who takes a sincere interest in your family's dental care. thinks that quality care extends well beyond the roots of your teeth.

On Camera:

The company also targets professionals in the dental industry as well. allows dentists to publicize their dental practice and help patients select a particular office to entrust their family's dental health care. This virtual company believes they can make you an instant online success in front of millions of patients seeking quality dental care by creating a free practice listing and profile page, available through its DentistFind search engine.

Q.3 So we see your Web site is not only for the patient but also for Dentists, can this really be a lucrative source for professionals in your field?

Q.4 And your Search Engine, how different is it from others?


Online Consultations, including personal replies from leading dental specialists, ready to address consumer and professional inquiries, are the capabilities that DentalAssist boasts of as the leading online consultation service in dentistry, allowing users to contact specialists on a variety of dental issues.'s team of consultants says they offer you the distinct opportunity to inquire about new advances in dentistry and dental treatment options, and to address related issues that may impact your dental care choices.

Q.5 We understand your Dental Consultants provide a courtesy feedback to customers, is that a general standard within the industry?

Q.6 You say you encourage family members to participate, even providing games online, why?

On Camera: says they believe that their industry is perfectly poised to embrace all of the new dynamics that the Internet can bring and they intent to be the leader as a resource for information in the industry. From Woodland Hills, California, I'm Dana Ditrani for Business World News.