Episode #: 85
Show: National 7
Airdates: Oct 2000-March 2001(see Programming Schedule for specific airtimes)


How Corporate America Is Integrating The New Digital Economy At A Furious Pace

How Ecommerce Is Affecting Traditional Bricks And Mortar Companies 
Broadcast Excerpts

The experts say that the explosion of e-commerce on the World Wide Web promises to level the playing field between large and small companies. But it hasn√t. Small company web sites have been buried out of view from consumers in a sea of competitive entries. What the Web has done is level the playing field between small businesses and micro-businesses that, until now, barely showed up on anybody√s radar screen. 

Well nowadays not a day goes by when business news isn't dominated by reports of Internet start-ups. Awareness of the digital economy has pervaded our world. So in this next report we chronicle the ripple effect of the digital economy on real businesses and how the conventional business community is dealing with this explosive transition to integration of their already existing systems. 

Delivering high value and quick turnaround to large and medium sized organizations, transitioning to the newer, integrated way of doing business, while continuing to depend on proven existing systems, is the core challenge of most evolving businesses today. Well in this segment we talk to a company that was founded with the intent of doing just that. It's called eBots, Inc.

eBots says their development is chartered with designing products that adapt to the needs of businesses rather than forcing the business processes to accommodate technology. The company's product eBizBotsł is a new technology that uses the Internet and system integrators to customize the solution for integrating the value chain process across
e-Business operations.

With e-Business becoming the order of the day with an exponential increase in the number of people doing business via the Internet, there is now a need for software to handle millions of transactions that take place in an hour. In the fast-paced, rapidly evolving, and fluid world of e-Business, companies, partners, and suppliers need to integrate their information technology systems, intelligently link them to business transactions, and share information for competitive and economic advantage.

e-Commerce has become the way of doing business with more and more consumers purchasing products online. eOrder Integration System was designed to help companies to expand their customer base and enhance their customer service by providing an efficient and effective means to order online and is currently being implemented at a customer site to manage their order processing at their multiple business unit locations. The professionals at eBots say they strongly believe that large organizations migrating to an integrated environment can be successful only if they can leverage what they already have and tie them into the process. 

As mission critical data flows across the members of the e-Business community, it is absolutely imperative that an optimum level of consistency and integrity is maintained. So instead of forcing the developers to write time consuming, complex code to manage this high level of transaction flow, eBots says they have enhanced the infrastructure to foolproof this process. 


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