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Accessing the Wireless Web While On The Move How Law Enforcement Embraces This High Tech Solution 

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Imagine youĂre a police officer and youĂre following a speeding vehicle. Your partner punches in the license plate number on your dashboard computer. The two of you wait for a response but nothing comes back. You finally get the long awaited response. The vehicle has been reported as stolen, but it's too late. The vehicle youĂre following is long gone. 

This scenario happens all too frequently and the experts say it's a matter of the police not being able to take full advantage of the radio spectrum available to them. But the latest in wireless data and voice technology is available. The question is, how long will it take for this advanced technology to play a significant role in law enforcement's ability to fight crime. Well now that's where a company called ElectroCom Systems comes in. 

Located in Santa Fe Springs, CA, ElectroCom Systems, has more than 20 years of expertise in providing wireless mobile data solutions to the market. The CompanyĂs recently introduced INVADRTM mobile voice and data-networking system enables Land Mobile Radio users or LMR users, such as law enforcement agencies, to access their databases and the Internet while on the move, with limited interruptions or downtime.

ElectroCom says they are poised for the rapid growth and profitability that accompanies an enterprise whose products fit the market's requirements. Industry experts say the INVADR system, greatly improves the efficiency of a wireless data network. Combined with its ability to concurrently transport Voice over IP, INVADR solves the wireless voice and data markets' biggest problem, the need for more bandwidth.

The INVADR system, has made significant strides in improving the efficiency of wireless mobile data communications. This is based on the CompanyĂs patented Intelligent Diversity ReceptionTM. The INVADR system uses two receivers at the mobile unit and three at the base station which practically eliminates the signal fading that causes a message to be dropped. By improving the message success rate, INVADR allows messages to be sent. 

Anticipating rapid growth based on the initial market response to INVADR, ElectroCom has recently brought in new senior management to guide the Company. Larry Laurich is the new CEO, and his track record includes helping to guide Tandem Computer from a $10 million start-up to the $2.2 billion leader in fault-tolerant computing.

The Federal Government, through its COPS-MORE program, is making large sums of money available to public safety entities across the nation for technology improvements such as the INVADR system. 

The public safety industry, consisting of law enforcement agencies and emergency services, is dependent on wireless mobile data technology to help save lives and protect property. INVADR enables these agencies to have reliable real-time access to critical information, when and where they need it. And since the INVADR system is an IP-based, open architecture system, it works seamlessly with other third party applications that may already be in place. 

In natural disasters such as hurricanes it is becoming increasingly important that multiple public safety agencies to be able to communicate interactively, in real-time, using both voice and data. 

Within ElectroCom's primary market, the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) market, put at $1.9 billion in North America alone, the accelerating move to digital systems, the increased demand for wireless data, and FCC mandates for more efficient use of the wireless spectrum are driving the market to upgrade their systems.

Data cannot be exchanged between agencies unless the data bases 
and messaging systems are fully integrated. Delays could cost lives. And this is apparently the problem the INVADR system solves.

With INVADR, the power and flexibility of the Internet offers these agencies the capability to rapidly and cost-effectively exchange information, implement new applications not possible with existing systems, and significantly enhance the effectiveness of both field and headquarters personnel.


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