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Show: National 6
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Firearm safety - fast solutions needed for a growing crisis

With gun related tragedies occurring more frequently in the U.S., the risks to our families and children are becoming unacceptable. Liberty Safe offers some practical solutions.
Broadcast Excerpts

Liberty Safe
In 1997 a young boy, Matthew, age 9, was shot and killed by his younger brother, John, age 7. The boys were playing with their father├s gun. In September, 1999, the Pemento family returned from their summer vacation to find their house burglarized. In August, 1998, the Ritters were awakened in the dead of night, their house on fire. Everything was lost, everything, including their precious family mementos and photographs, their stock and bond certificates, records and Deeds. It was devastating.

In each of these instances should these families have taken the proper precautions and place these valuable items in a safe, the magnitude of these losses would have been averted. ┌children are killed each year, playing with improperly secured firearms. There are ┌.. burglaries nationwide each year. The loss to valuables are in the billions. ┌. home related fires cause a total of ┌. million annually. The irreplaceable loss, untold. We spoke to Jeff Talley, President of a company that firmly believes that taking these simple precautions, could prove invaluable.

As the challenge is in provide the general consumer and small business operator with a substantial security and safety solution, officials believe that these products can provide real piece of mind for the protection of valuables and the safety and storage of firearms in the home. Some say this is the next new home appliance.

With gun related tragedies occurring more frequently in the U.S., the associated risks to our families and children are becoming unacceptably disturbing. And the current politically heated cry for gun control legislation is fueling nationwide debate on various levels, all in the aim of finding a real solution to gun safety and responsibility.

And in light of this, many states have passed or are currently reviewing positive, non-punitive legislation to influence securing guns in security storage devices. The state of Washington recently passed legislation eliminating sales tax on the purchase of a firearm safe. And since the experts advise that trigger locks can be easily broken, firearm safes, they say, are the only real move toward safety and responsibility in the prevention of firearm related tragedies.

As the leader in the residential safe industry, holding a steadfast 40% market share, Liberty Safe has played a significant role in the initial development of firearm safe products and lead the way in the constant innovation of these products. With a pro-active expansion into safes for the non-firearm consumer for document and media functionality, the company has acquired the most extensive distribution network in the industry, a network critical in supporting its broad customer base and partnerships the the major mass retailers.



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