Episode #: 76
Show: National 5
Airdates: May -Nov/2000(see Programming Schedule for specific airtimes)

Protecting data from hardware crashes and viruses

The explosive growth of data in today's corporate world has made the process of backing up and recovering data difficult to manage. Storactive has some cost-effective solutions.
Broadcast Excerpts

How many times have you lost data on your Hard Drive? How many times has your system crashed and vital information gets lost forever? Or, may heaven forbid, how many of you have experienced that fateful dropping of your laptop. All of us have experienced these data fatalities at one time or another. But a company called Storactive, inc says that these types of losses don't have to be fatal.

The explosive growth of data in today's corporate world has made the process of backing up and recovering data difficult to manage, even as backup and storage software becomes more powerful and more automated. Experts say that the inadequacies of today's backup solutions can be attributed to the slow incorporation of Network bandwidth improvements and an increase in the percentage of mobile PC users. They say that because 20% of PC users are mobile, backing data up on a regular basis and in proper format in inconvenient. So, what's the solution? 

Current backup products don't adequately meet the demands that PC's place on data protection systems. Most of today's products are designed to backup applications and file servers, not clients and certainly not laptops. So the market for desktop and laptop backup and recovery has therefore gone largely unserved.

As traditional storage management solutions operated only on a periodic basis, leaving data exposed to loss and recovering files that are out of date, LiveBackup was designed to protect both system and user files in real time.

Some systems rely on user action to implement data protection, but with Storactive's Live backup solution the user never even has to think about it. Everything is done automatically and in the background.

Protecting valuable corporate information is an asset in itself.

Data protection is a problem that continues to plague the corporate world as hackers become more sophisticated in their attempts to breach security systems. Storactive's answer is a LiveBackup solution that integrates secure, on-the-fly data encryption to ensure that information is manipulated and transferred with the utmost security.

With the information age growing more rapidly than any other industry, it's the companies able to address the needs of this market that will distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. This company, Storactive, seems to be providing the recovery and repair solutions that are exactly needed by an industry moving at internet speed into this new millennium.



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