Episode #: 75
Show: National 6
Airdates: July ÷ Jan '01(see Programming Schedule for specific airtimes)

The secret behind the speed of Indy Cars

Indy car racing is the world's most prestigious of car racing events. Cars race around the track at speeds close to 200 miles per hour. MAPAL Engineering shares secrets on how Indy's relentless "need for speed" is achieved.


Broadcast Excerpts

Indy car racing is the worlds most prestigious of car racing events. Cars race around the track at speeds close to 200 miles per hour. 

And as the crew members of these finely tuned machines have told us, having reliable back-up and engineering support is the difference between winning and losing. The engineering support they are talking about is in the precision with which the engine parts are machined. 

Real specialist in the machining industry come few and far between. And as the industry has been plagued with a shortage of skilled machinists, being a leader in this industry is a challenge of foresight and tenacity. 

And as today√s manufacturers restructure and retool for a new era of fierce competition, the participants in this emerging global marketplace will survive only on their ability to respond to market shifts and changing customer demands. 

Mapal√s precisioned engineering capability has positioned it as a company in particularly high demand by those who rely on this type of engineering precision. Industries like Auto Racing, Automotive and Aircraft Manufacturing, and the Space Industry. 

But maintaining quality while remaining cost effective is a big problem for the leaders of this industry. To sustain high degrees of productivity has largely been difficult, but a complex technology known as High Speed/High Velocity Machining is breaking new ground in yielding the high precision to favorable cost to performance ratio so heavily sought after.

The Industrial Revolution at the beginning of the last century was just as breathtaking as what is happening in industrial manufacturing today. The question is whether continued innovation can sustain the momentum of manufacturing progress and whether manufacturing companies have the capabilities and business acumen to adopt new strategies, systems and processes.

As speed and accessibility of information has improved our global reach and closeness, it has also dramatically altered our way of life. And as much as environmental, energy and health issues have begun to transform the way we manufacture, the growing demand from customers are rewriting the strategies and thinking of the manufacturing sector.

Whatever the field of specialty, the manufacturers of today will need to measure up to the fundamental requirements of their industry and at least keep pace the new innovations along the way. No doubt there will be great opportunities in the decades ahead. It seems from our research that the Manufacturing industry has not yet reached the point of diminishing returns. On the contrary, the technical and technological challenges ahead are the most promising opportunities for the manufacturing world.



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