Episode #: 73
Show: National 5
Airdates: May-Nov 2000 (see Programming Schedule for specific airtimes)

Abolishing the IRS - How it could actually happen!

For years, the U.S. income tax system has come under varying levels of scrutiny. One group, Citizens for an Alternative Tax System (CATS) believes they finally have the right answer.
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The U.S. income tax system for years has come under varying levels of scrutiny. With the attempts by different organizations in the past trying to affect a change, these attempts now seem to have converged on apparent the success of one group. Its called Citizens for an Alternative Tax System, known as CATS. 

Across the county people of all political persuasions are rallying around the idea of getting rid of the IRS and the income tax code with something that makes sense. Not surprisingly, when the battles of left-right politics are removed from the equation, the civic spirit of togetherness is allowed to emerge -- AND, in that atmosphere, good ideas CAN prevail. CATS is at the center of this revival. Now theyĂre not saying that they want to stop paying taxes, just how it's done. The economics of our income tax system has been under assault recently by some of the best economists and tax experts. They say that the current tax system slows economic growth, produces chronic inflation and discourages savings and enterprise. 

Economists and politicians have long agreed that our current system of taxation is so complex and so anti-individual wealth that it can't be fixed. They say it puts America at a disadvantage in world trade with nations who have moderate, simpler tax systems, systems that encourage and promote capitalism. Well today we have a story for you that will touch not only the essence of your belief system, but also your bank account, if you choose to act.

The overwhelming response from citizens and politicians alike has encouraged this once small organization to grow to expand its reach and influence out to all Americans with this new solution to taxation. And as the 2000 election campaign shifts into higher gear, it's likely we'll hear a lot more about this topic. It's called the National Retail Sales Tax, otherwise known as Consumption Tax.

The experts say that the current tax system is a maze of 2,000 pages of the IRS code, 12,000 pages of regulations and over 200,000 pages of court rulings. Economists agree the income tax system punishes work, savings and investment, three ingredients to a growing economy. And nearly any taxpayer can relate at least one horror story about dealing with rude, intrusive representatives of the IRS. 

The National Retail Sales Tax Act of 1997 is the first bill in U.S. history to offer American taxpayers relief from the mind-numbing confusion and chilling invasion of privacy that is our federal income tax system. Well now the experts think that we can finally be free from the IRS. 

"We have an issue here that is igniting the citizen into action. I have been all over the country talking about scrapping the tax code and going to the National Retail Sales Tax and I am convinced that there already exists a consensus that this new tax system would be far superior to what we now have. In no small way we have CATS to thank for this citizen interest and impact on Congress", says one prominent CATS member .

CATS says that the choice is yours. You, as a taxpayer and voter, they say, can create a future where income tax withholding from your paycheck is a thing of the past. Where all Americans can accumulate their own financial assets instead of giving 50% of everything they earn to a distant bureaucrat who keeps most of it to expand the bureaucracy and then decides who deserves a chunk of your money. ItĂs a matter of having the right idea, the National Retail Sales Tax - and having enough citizen unity to impinge on the political process and bring about this change.
"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the Income Tax."                  - Albert Einstein 
"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a
superficial appearance of being right
."   -Thomas Paine 
"Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force. And, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master!"    -George Washington

CATS Representative: "Someone might say this is a bold move, but who's to tell the American people how to run their own country. After all, government exists because of us. Good government would unite its people and empower them financially, not confiscate half of their money and use it as a power tool. 

The national retail sales tax eliminates the existing income tax code- all of it. No more April 15th, no more withholding from your paycheck. You determine when and how much tax you pay by your own spending habits. The cost of government is no longer hidden in the price of everything we buy. We take the power tool out of their hands and give it back to the people who can use it to create our future prosperity. Government can only redistribute wealth. Individuals, through their own productivity are the only source of prosperity and they should have control of their own resources. We believe that a move to the National Retail Sales Tax will add fuel to the already growing consensus to significantly lower tax rates. 

How do we accomplish our goal, with our booklet containing the Seven Step Program for Citizen Action. These are the actions, done by thousands of Americans, that are bringing about this change. And, also through the internet. It is a power distributive tool for education and political communication".



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