Episode #: 70
Show: National 4
Airdates: Feb-Aug '00(see Programming Schedule for specific airtimes)

Organic Intelligence - the hottest search engine technology

Imagine going on-line and being able to receive instant and precise answers for almost any question. Is "Know All" the best cyber encyclopedia in existence? 
Broadcast Excerpts

Imagine going on-line and being able to receive instant and precise answers, for any question you need answered. The driving force behind the technology revolution is information and its ease of acquisition. Today most search engines and web sites are used as virtual dictionaries or encyclopedias. But the problem is that most search engines arenĂt very precise. And even if they get you to the general area of the topic youĂre looking for, getting that final answer can be quite time consuming.

Well not anymore. Our investigative team stumbled upon a company that sits poised to revolutionize the acquisition of information in an era considered to be the "Information Age".

Users are actually able to have any question they need answered, about any topic, virtually at their finger tips. The company is an on-line company called, "WorldFree.net" and is the developer of a product called "KnowAll". Pat Mathews interviewed the President of a company that is taking artificial intelligence to a whole new level.

When you consider that only 20% of potential internet users are actually on-line, and the projections that this figure will grow to 80% in the next 5 years, then the potential for commercial opportunity seems unlimited. And in todayĂs fast growing internet market, knowledge and information search tools have become an essential part of life on-line. 

Technology is supposed to help us make positive advances and leverage our time. But thatĂs just the problem, weĂre always complaining about how little time we all have. Well now maybe there is a child of technology that will actually help us save time in our search for information. It's an on-line product called "KnowAll" that boasts a unique "idea matching" functionality, which provides the information to your questions instantly.

The secret behind the humanizing of this software is found in a new concept called "Organic Intelligence", which unlike "Artificial Intelligence", actually reasons internally.

The lack of understanding words and their relationships is the reason that search engines bring back so many dead-end results. In the course of our research we found that Organic Intelligence allows the software, "KnowAll", to read and analyze web sites, similar to the way people read books at libraries to find information. The experts believe that this technology could quite possibly change the way computers operate forever.

With the advent of Organic Intelligence, having access to answers that was not previously available brings promise to not only the individual on-line user but also to the those steeped in industry and commerce, looking for newer, simpler and timely ways of accessing information. The "KnowAll" idea-processing element parallels how humans think and weeds out redundancies and irrelevant information, making information search on-line a much simpler process. 



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