Episode #: 69
Show: National 4
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Rising gas prices - how high can they go?
Latest developments in alternative energy sources

What will the new breed of oil exploration and production companies bring to the market place as they shift and adjust their strategies to a volatile world economy. In the relentless search for new and more economic forms of energy? Adair International provides some keen insights. 


Broadcast Excerpts

The Oil and Gas industry. One of the oldest of the Mega-Industries. Responsible for 4% of the US GDP, it's the one industry that can bring the global economy to its knees. It's obvious that technology has played a major role in exploration & development activities in this industry, but how is technology going to affect the industry as we head into the new Millennium? What will the new breed of oil exploration and production companies bring to the market place as they shift and adjust their strategies to a volatile world economy, looking for new and more economic forms of energy?

With the recent price increases in the Oil Sector, we have been taken on a roller coaster ride with gas prices at the pump. As the worldwide demand for oil far exceeds its existing supply, and as tensions between Middle Eastern nations and the West continue to fluctuate, this dynamic translates to the gas pump. When we decided to investigate this industry, selecting the company best positioned to meet the challenges of its industry in this next Millennium was a challenge in itself. But we did find one. It is called Adair International. We went into the heart of a corporation that allowed us a peak into a world of a privileged few.

As the expanding global economy needs more energy, our report lead us to Adair International, who says that they can help meet that need through energy development projects on a worldwide basis. Adair believes that expanding energy requirements can be met, even in Third World countries, with environmentally sound projects.

Although fluctuating based on global economic cycles, the price of oil has been quite unaffected by the varying levels of recession in the early nineties. If one factors in twenty years of inflation, today's price of oil is at a 24 year low. 

Led by China, the Third World's appetite for petroleum is increasing at a furious rate, and as consumerism reaches full frenzy around the globe, that demand is likely to grow exponentially.

In 2000 and beyond as energy demands continue to increase, so too will the need in barrels per day and respectively the price per barrel. It is believed by geophysicists that by the year 2010, demand may be as high as 95 million barrels per day and could likely push the price up even more as oil producers scramble to feed even busier gas pumps around the globe. With the advent of increased developments by NASA in research and execution of their space programs, the fuel and energy needs to support these programs would increase triple fold by the year 2020.

As such Adair International has sought to capitalize on this continuing opportunity by joint venturing with oil producing and research entities capable of merging their efforts to Adair International's needs.



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