Episode #: 66
Show: National 3
Airdates: Feb - July '00(see Programming Schedule for specific airtimes)

Guerilla advertising on the web

With over two million businesses on the web and thousands of web sites going up every month - how does one get noticed amidst all the clutter? BWN talks to the young entrepreneurs of the hot new on-line marketing company, Ysale.com
Broadcast Excerpts

Within the last four years there has been an explosion of web sites on the World Wide Web. All trying to jockey for position in this new global community. Currently there are over 2 million web businesses on the web, with thousands of new web sites going up every month. So how do you get noticed amidst all the clutter? How do you get your message directly to the potential customers that matter?

Well a young graduate from USC followed his entrepreneurial spirit and developed a revolutionary method of providing low cost, targeted marketing for web sites. Advertising and promotional services are like gold to young web based businesses. With hundreds of web sites hitting the cyber waves each day, consumer oriented dot coms will do anything to get noticed. And the extremely high cost of advertising on the web becomes cost prohibitive to these young Internet start-ups. In this piece we investigate this story and speaks to Alex Levin, the young entrepreneur responsible for this bold new approach to advertising on the World Wide Web.

The University of Southern California was recently named "College of the year" in the 2000 edition of "The Best College for You" by Time magazine and The Princeton Review. It's no wonder why it gives birth to some of the nations finest graduates.

And when one of its own makes the news, well, its pride is unmistakable. Graduated in 1994, with a Masters in Computer Engineering, Alex Levin decided that he was going provide an alternative to web based businesses who did not want to be one of the hundreds of web sites slipping dismally into a growing pit of failed cyber enterprises.

Forced to spend beyond their ability to generate the required income, web sites have previously had no alternative but to incur tremendous advertising expenditure in order to stay alive. But what they didn't realize is that this was the source of their own demise.

Combine Internet technology and a massive amount of marketing money to compete with companies founded before the web arrived, was the plan of the thousands of new web businesses. And whether their business plans say so or not, they're all operating under the premise that big old companies are too stupid, too slow moving and too blinded by their histories to compete effectively in the new economy. But what they didn't see as that the old businesses had already established a customer base that was just as slow to shift their buying habits.

The advent of the World Wide Web has provided a classic window of opportunity for new companies to challenge the existing order. The Web has forever changed the way companies and customers buy and sell to each other, learn about each other and communicate with one another. The best companies will not only build better systems and methods for getting products to their customers, they will also integrate those systems with the manufacturing, distribution and computer networks already in place. 

And as competition increases getting the recognition required is a must. To do this cost effectively has always been the challenge. Well now maybe the answer is in ysale.com. Having recently issued a Private Placement Offering, no doubt this young company will soon be one of the multi billion dollar dot com businesses we see popping up on Wall Street every other day. 



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