Episode #: 65
Show: National 6
Airdates: Feb-Aug '00(see Programming Schedule for specific airtimes)

Expanded memory in the new millenium

The memory chip business is no longer utterly dominated by Intel and the personal computer. TechnoLinc is rapidly gaining ground as a leading manufacturer of memory solutions for all major computer and electronics applications. 
Broadcast Excerpts

After a year of shrinking sales in 1998, the memory chip industry is thought to be starting a huge multi-year upswing. But beyond the cyclical swing, deeper change is at work. The chip business is no longer utterly dominated by Intel and the personal computer. Instead, companies that make chips for cell phones, information appliances, broad band modems, networking gear and a slew of other high-tech products, are coming to the forefront. 

And one of these companies is Technolinc, a ten year old company that's established itself as one of the most innovative companies in the field of memory chip and board level products.

The high technology and communications age will probably be dominated by a multiplicity of products and chipmakers. With the next generation of cell phones being able to send e-mail and surf the net, it's no wonder why companies like Technolinc continue to excel as they strive to satisfy the hunger of the high technology world.

Chipmakers, software publishers, networking gear heads and computer electronics manufacturers are a collection of the substantial businesses whose products soak up about 50% of the capital spending of American private enterprise.

No longer are design and production advances in the semi-conductor and memory chip business driven mainly by the needs of the Personal Computer business. Instead, state-of-the-art Silicon Valley is as likely to be found in a teenager's video game as it is in your local telephone companies' switching substation.

And as these techno-rich products increase in sophistication, so does the need for more and more memory. We want our computers and Internet links to run faster and more efficiently, and having the latest and most advanced memory upgrades, printer cards and D, V and S RAM peripherals gets us there. And Technolinc seems to be one of a few in the industry that understands this.

Upon further investigation, Business World News learned that Technolinc has a reputation beyond just building quality and reliable products. It punctuates its commitment to its customers by providing the guarantee of Lifetime Warranties on all of its products. A rock solid guarantee that few in the industry dare to commit to.

It's obvious that the PC isn't the focal point anymore. It's but one of a growing constellation of digital devices ranging from main frame servers to networking switches and routers and game machines to hand-held personal organizers, smart cell phones and interactive pagers that are the vehicles for innovation in the new millennium.

As technology continues to empower the individual, it increases in capability at an exponential rate. Fueled by man's instinctive drive for progression, Technolinc continues to position itself as one of the few chipmakers able to consistently satisfy its market place.



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