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Owning a piece of the famous Las Vegas Strip

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National #4


Feb-Aug '00

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How Diamond Resorts International has enabled over 30,000 consumers to own some of the most in-demand real estate in the U.S. and premier vacation destination.

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Las Vegas, Nevada. When you think of this city, images of bright lights and fantastic resorts come to mind. Spectacular shows and an energy in the air that is unexplainable. You simply have to experience it to understand. Tagged as the fastest growing city in the U.S., with over 6000 new residents per month, and 30 million visitors a year, Las Vegas is undoubtedly a city exploding into the New Millennium.

Amidst the explosive growth of mega-resorts on the strip in Las Vegas, emerges an alternative that has become the fastest growing portion of the Hospitality industry. Its called Vacation Ownership or Time-share, and there seems to be a string of major hotel corporations trying to capitalize on this golden opportunity. But there is one vacation ownership company that's already way ahead of the game. It's called Diamond Resorts International. A 20 year old company that can boast a level of understanding and an expertise in this field that others are just now trying to grasp.

We go to field reporter, Kyla Grogin, to take us into a world that few understand, but all like to experience.

Imagine being able to own a mega resort on the "Strip" but without the headache of running it. Well there's a way you can. Situated right in the heart of the world famous Las Vegas Strip, nestled between some of the grandest resorts ever made, is the premier, purpose-built, vacation ownership resort in Las Vegas. It's called the "Polo Towers", and it's an unparalleled opportunity for vacationers to actually own a piece of the "Strip".

With over 320 units available between the two towers and another 190 elegant suites in "The Villas" at Polo Towers, now under construction, owners of this luxury resort are guaranteed quality reservations on the "Strip" year after year.

And the great thing about it is that as with any other real estate interest, you have a deed. A certificate of ownership, that you can use, rent, sell or pass on to your heirs.

Each suite is luxuriously furnished and features an array of amenities including a fully equipped kitchen, an entire entertainment system, a spacious balcony with views of both the "Strip" and the mountains and your very own security safe.

On the resort itself, owners enjoy a rooftop, heated swimming pool and spa, complimented by poolside cabanas, as well as tennis courts, a children's play area and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

And one of the more unique perks that we've uncovered about being an owner of Diamond Resorts is that owners have access to over 1800 other resorts worldwide. It's a unique exchange program that allows owners to exchange their time at Polo Towers for time at another vacation destination anywhere in the world. Exotic locales like Hawaii and the Far East, or Europe and even Mexico, are within the choice venues to owners of Diamond Resorts.

With an abundance of choices for vacation heaven on the "Strip" in Las Vegas, everyone's battling for position and providing the most attractive alternatives possible. But no one offers ownership. No one but Diamond Resorts and its luxurious Polo Towers and Jockey Club.

Setting a new standard for vacationing in Las Vegas, Diamond Resorts has dominated and will continue to dominate the vacation ownership market in Las Vegas and maintain its status quo as the market leader.