Episode #: 60
Show: National 3
Airdates: Feb to July (see Programming Schedule for specific airtimes)

Pork, the other white meat - How safe is it?

BWN goes behind the scenes of Farmer John, a leading provider.
Broadcast Excerpts

Founded in 1931, by Francis and Barney Clougherty, Farmer John remains family owned and run. With over 1,300 employees, today the company sells over $350 million of fresh processed pork and ground beef products in the U.S. and Hawaii.

Sitting on 10 acres of land in Vernon, California, is one of the largest and longest lasting companies in the meat processing industry. If you ever had any doubts or questions regarding pork, its health, quality control and safety issues, we guarantee you those questions and more will be answered in this next segment.

An interesting point to note is that Farmer John is the official hot dog of the Dodgers. Business World News learned that Farmer John has been making the Dodger Dog since 1964. They are also the official hot dog of the Rose Bowl, the The LA Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena, The Arrowhead pond, the Hollywood Park and the new Staples Center.

Business World News has also learned that pig heart valves sometimes replace human heart valves. Since the 1st transplant in 1917, tens of thousands of pig hearts valves have been successfully implanted in human recipients of all ages. 

We've also learned that many other pig parts are used for medical and pharmaceutical purposes. As for using all parts of the hog? Well, Farmer John has a customer for everything on or in the pig, except probably the "oink". 



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