Episode #: 54
Show: National 2
Airdates: 9/99 - 3/00 (see Programming Schedule for specific airtimes)

The salsa craze - surpassing catsup sales in the U.S.

What Walker Foods is doing to meet and spur the increased demand.


Broadcast Excerpts

What makes the new American culture what it is today? The cross cultural influences, in our daily lives, and our food. This story is on Walker Foods, the first American company to make salsa. 

The Burrito, the Taco, the Enchilada. All favorites in our choice of Mexican food. Over the last century we've incurred a bombardment of cross-cultural influences in our daily diet. From the Pizza to the Wonton to Sushi, we accept these ethnic foods as part of our menu on the dinner table. Today we look at a company established in 1914 and renowned as the first Salsa producer in the world. It is also the first Salsa to be sold in Mexico by a US company in 1957. Walker Foods.

If you go to any Mexican food stand or look on the aisles in the grocery store, you'll normally find Salsa products of varying brands. But who started the Salsa trend in the first place? Was it a young man from Arizona by the name of James Walker?

Well it was, and although James has passed on, the company is being taken into the New Millennium by his grandson, Robert Walker. Along with his General Manager, Fernando Montano, Robert has brought Walker Foods to national status. Competing as the nations premiere Salsa producer, Walker Foods has been steadfastly expanding its distributorship to the East coast.

From Salsa to Chile sauce to Jalapeno, Walker foods has even diversified into vinegar and mustard production as continuing development in their product portfolio. But as the largest manufacturer of Salsa in the world, the great demand on raw materials for its products can become increasingly difficult as the company continues to expand.


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