Episode #: 50
Show: National 2
Airdates: 9/99 - 3/00 (see Programming Schedule for specific airtimes)

Safety in the air - who's responsible?

Every year an average of 1.5 billion passengers travel by air. BWN Spotlights a major player in the aerospace industry, Schlosser Forge, responsible for forging "life critical" aerospace parts so vital to our safety. 
Broadcast Excerpts

Every year an average of 1.5 billion passengers travel worldwide. Everyday commercial, cargo and military jets takeoff and land. As passengers, we seldom give much thought to the "life critical" parts that allow us to safely travel sky-bound to our intended destinations. Today we investigate one of the giants in the aerospace industry, responsible for the forging of these "life critical" aerospace parts. 

The Schlosser Forge company began its operations 30 years ago with one single-minded focus; to leave the indelible impression of integrity, honesty and quality on the minds of the companies they interact with. An impression that unfortunately has become the exception, rather than the norm in today's business environment.

But for a company responsible for directly affecting the state of safety on our commercial & military aircraft, one would expect such a code of honor to be adopted.

On further investigation, through the Department of Transportation, Business World News learned that aircraft crashes totaled 4% of all transportation incidences worldwide, whereas ground transportation incidences totaled 70%. In 1997 there were 25 airline crashes, totaling 854 deaths. 

Although it pales in comparison to the 42,420 deaths by motor vehicle accidents that same year, even one aircraft crash is not acceptable, as it usually means the loss of hundreds of lives at once since aircraft carry a lot more passengers than the average car. 

As a result this reality directs Schlosser Forges' unparalleled dedication to the forging of the parts that affect the increasing levels of safety we are experiencing in the aerospace industry today.