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Gaining an edge in corporate communications

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National #2


9/99 - 3/00

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BWN looks at the creative minds behind the images responsible for influencing many of our buying decisions and how JP Marketing takes Corporate America to the consumer.

Broadcast Excerpts

In this story we look at the creative minds behind the images responsible for influencing our buying decisions. We see how first impressions play a vital role in the way Corporate America communicates and packages their products through in-store advertising displays.

Our lives today are so influenced by our need to acquire the "newer", the "better", the more "hip" or the more "high tech". By the images we see from television to print and in the shopping environment, we're constantly enticed to buy.

To Corporate America, marketing becomes the key medium by which companies bring their products to the consumer. Today we take a journey into the heart of a marketing company that engages in strategic consultation and creative support to the hundreds of companies in America that make up part of a $7 trillion dollar consumer product industry. 

With an abundance of companies all purporting to be the answer to our needs as consumers, who do we really believe? Do we try a product out and take an " if the shoe fits, wear it" type of attitude, or do we simply trust?

Maybe the answer lies in the integrity of the companies and their people who develop the communication programs that speak to each one of us as consumers.

But what do they say? Is it just "buy me, buy me, buy me? Or is it "give us a try and we√ll make good on you as a long term customer".

JP Marketing Services is well on their way in becoming the Premiere Marketing Solutions provider in the U.S. As more and more marketing companies in America understand our needs as consumers, maybe the intended win-win environment between manufacturers and consumers will eventually become a reality.