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A company in the United Kingdom is bringing the dream of interactive TV to homes now. iSeeTV technology will bring personalized one-on-one contact through television into homes everywhere. Futuristic experiences such as individual medical help, personalized shopping services, and unique entertainment are now being delivered into homes in test markets in the U.K., and will be coming to the United States soon.





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The promise of interactive television ­ TV you can talk to ­ has finally arrived. People have passively watched television for many decades, only being able to flip through channels to see what's on. The promise of interactive television has been the power to communicate with your television to get specific information you want and need.


Lynette, interactivity has been an elusive dream for TV for quite some time. But right now, in the United Kingdom, an interactive system called iSeeTV is being delivered to homes. The most exciting and promising part of this system is, it does not require anything other than a television set and a telephone in order to deliver customized information in response to an individual viewer's needs and desires.


People have imagined this kind of interaction for a long time, and now it is on its way. Here with a report on this long-awaited development is <correspondent name>



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House calls by doctors disappeared long ago, replaced by what some feel is a huge, impersonal medical system. But the house call just might be making a high-tech comeback. That's only one of the exciting possibilities on the horizon because of interactive television. Interactive technology known as iSeeTV is being used in a test market right now in the United Kingdom and will be launching in other parts of Europe, in Japan, and in the Middle East over the next year. This technology is coming to America now.


The iSeeTV system, which has been patented worldwide by U.K. company Media Logic, eliminates technical and practical barriers that have so far held back interactive television. It allows viewers to see and talk to their own personal assistant live on TV from the comfort of their homes. Research shows that the one-to-one communication and consumer simplicity of iSeeTV is the key for its opportunity for leadership in interactive television. The unique technology behind may soon be adapted for use on third generation mobile phones, DSL cable systems, wireless personal digital assistants, and other media, extending the concept to give the broadest consumer reach.


On camera Open Location: new iSeeTV business setup in San Diego


The television industry believes interactive television will make a major contribution to their success. By 2005, interactive TV should account for $7 [B]illion in commerce,
$11 [B]illion in advertising and $102 [B]illion in off-line sales.

Question 1A

(resource: Development Survey)


What can the consumer expect to find with interactive TV?

ISeeTV SPOKESPERSON: "Health services, travel, financial services, department store, grocery"

Question 2A


What does the television industry expect from interactive TV?

ISeeTV SPOKESPERSON: "attract users ­ high income, entertainment oriented, technology optimists"

Question 3A


What do merchants and providers expect?
ISeeTV SPOKESPERSON: "New channel to markets…"

Question 4A

Grfx: data from report


What is the business outlook for interactive television?
INDUSTRY SPOKESPERSON: TechTrends Dec 2000 survey:


Footage: existing footage of iSeeTV sessions


Using a live adviser on the viewer's TV screen, iSeeTV is suitable for retailers, service industries, and organizations delivering information and advice. With two-way interaction, the viewer's personal on-screen adviser can access the viewer's account details; display appropriate videos clips, charts, examples of products and services, or specific educational information; and complete an entire transaction or encounter. The viewer can record the session for future evaluation when considering the options.


Question 1B(resource: )


What companies use iSeeTV now?
ISeeTV SPOKESPERSON: "health agency, merchant, new company in U.S." 

Question 2B


How is iSeeTV delivered?:
ISeeTV SPOKESPERSON: "Test markets, potential MSOs…"

Question 3B


What is required for consumers to use iSeeTV?
INDUSTRY SPOKESPERSON: "Digital TV, phone, wireless, DSL…"


On camera
Location: San Diego merchant siteNote: reference the Internet crossed out ­ we do not want to refer to the Internet as we deliver across TV.


iSeeTV is live now on the Telewest cable network in the U.K. During 2002, iSeeTV will be rolled out to other networks, both cable and broadband.. In total, iSeeTV is expected to reach more than 7 million United Kingdom households within five years.

The television industry has been seeking an opportunity for successful interactive TV, and iSeeTV claims to have the simplicity and service that will attract consumers, as well as the technology and potential profitability that will attract cable systems and merchants.

For Business World News, this is <correspondent name>.