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Paving solutions using ancient techniques


  • The Ancient Romans, famed for architectural innovation constructed roads that are still in use today. Systems Paving uses the same time-honored layering technique guaranteed to last as long as you're in your home - or until the next Roman Empire, whichever comes first.
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Segment: Systems Paving, Inc.

News Desk:
On-Screen Headline: Focus on real estate, adding function and increasing equity cost effectively.

Every homeowner wants to maximize the equity they have in their property. With real estate markets sky rocketing in recent years and as home sales are exceeding predictions by real estate industry analysts - it's a good time to look at simple ways you can enhance your home. Real estate agent Susan Feil of Coldwell Banker states " A driveway is a very subtle indicator to the buyer of a home of how the property is maintained."

That's right Mark and with the Federal Reserve's easing of interest rates, all indicators suggest that the healthy cycle in real estate markets will continue. 

To capitalize on this, savvy homeowners are on the lookout for cost-effective ways to add value, functionality and beauty to their homes. 

As reported in "The Wall Street Journal" a driveway adds value to the house and wins respect from the neighbors. According to John Smith at Fred Sands Real Estate, "curb appeal is probably the number one factor in home sales today." Aesthetic additions to a property that really stand out are ones that add increased durability to a property. The result is a significant increase in property value. 

Based in Newport Beach, California Systems Paving, Inc., 
utilizes an innovative method of interlocking stones to promote efficiency, style and structure to any home. Jonelle Caudill has more on this report.

Ext. Day:
Location: Landmark Showcase, Breath-Taking Property.

Jonelle Caudill - On Camera:
Actually Mark, the concept of interlocking masonry is time tested, dating back to the Roman Empire. Systems Paving has modernized this ancient technique utilizing a product that industry analyst suggest is remarkably cost-effective and enhances a property like no other home improvement. "In fact, treating the driveway as a landscape element is a growing national trend." According to Michael Kamenoff a Florida contractor.

B-Roll: Before and After Still Photography.
Jonelle Caudill V.O: 
By integrating the selection of top quality materials with basic but innovative technology into their design, Systems Paving has positioned itself as a market leader of residential home improvements and paving solutions for pool decks patios, walkways and driveways, as well as most any recreational surface. 

Jonelle Caudill - On Camera:
Real estate appraisers such as, (insert name) of (insert company), suggest that this is one type of home improvement that adds a significant degree of functionality to the outdoor areas of your property. It provides a solid, secure, non-slip outdoor surface that lasts for generations. 

Company Spokesperson:
What you're looking at are not bricks, they're individual paving stones that will not crack and are 100% maintenance-free. They're also guaranteed for life! The stone selection and custom color options to choose from are astounding. Industry data suggests that driveways are becoming an important element in the landscape design of a house. Our research shows that such an addition can only add equity and an increased appreciation to any residential or commercial property. Take a look at this hardscaped area:

Jonelle Caudill ­ On Camera:
Camera Pans to Cover Hardscaped Area:
Slow Dissolve:
Audio: Over Video Narration.
The stone paved areas I've seen here today are really quite impressive. The detail and quality construction is remarkable. Fueled by a large referral network as a result of customer satisfaction, Systems Paving has grown rapidly. Today, the company is expanding into new regions throughout the United States. 

Jonelle Caudill - On Camera:
Int. Systems Paving, Inc., Corporate Offices:

Q1: Mr. Green how did you come to be involved with this interlocking stone system?"

Q2: Larry, what are things to look for when hiring a contractor such as Systems Paving?

Q3: What are your company's goals and what is your vision for the future?

Q4: What kind of industry recognition has Systems Paving received? Any awards or notable projects you care to mention?

B-Roll, Landmark Properties:
Q4 Audio: Narration Over Video:

Company Spokesperson - V.O: 
By using quality materials and a vast assortment of designs, Systems Paving, appears to be setting a new standard for superior quality construction in the real estate renovations industry. The company has tested their innovative designs for homeowners in every climate imaginable. Systems Paving replaces your dull, cracked, patched up, pot-holed, oil stained driveway, walkway, patio or pool decks with remarkable workmanship at an affordable price

Jonelle Caudill - On Camera:
Int. Corporate Offices: Systems Paving, Inc.
On Screen Titles: " Co-Owner & ÆVice President of Operations' Doug Lueck"

Q5: Mr. Lueck, as Co-owner of Systems Paving, is your company fully insured, bonded and licensed?

Q6: Can you outline for us some of the benefits of your product?

Q7: Are there any particular challenges your company faces and what are potential solutions to meet these challenges? 

Jonelle Caudill - On Camera:
Mark and Penny, my investigation reveals that a driveway can not only add value to your home but can also influence a potential buyer's first impression. Savvy homeowners may want to investigate Systems Paving further before considering any resurfacing or pouring concrete "veneer patches" over their existing landscaping. I'm "Jonelle Caudill " reporting from Newport Beach, California for Business World News.



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