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Why wouldn’t you go Classifieds2go?




Marti Johnson

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Business World News script



“Why wouldn’t you go Classifieds2go?”

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The last time you looked through the classifieds, were they in the newspaper, or on your computer?


Experts say as much as half of the traffic on most newspaper websites is due to readers looking at classified ads online.


But some of those big-name online classifieds companies can charge huge prices to medium or even small market media outlets for hosting their online classifieds sites. 

Now there’s a company that is helping local newspapers and media outlets develop their own classifieds centers, locally branded for their communities while still offering national reach.  And… they keep the costs down.  (Reporter Name) wants to know, why wouldn’t you use this service?





Newspaper in rack on street/


printed classified ads/


/news-press website


NATS: Keyboard noise


QUESTION: Ask Marty Novak what was the status of his classified ads online, why he wasn’t satisfied, and how he felt when he looked at his website

(cover with pics of,,, etc.)







(Can Lou provide several copies of her newspaper to shoot, or perhaps some VHS video of her newspaper?)





Reporter Q’s: Ask Lou what Savannah needed its own classifieds websites, why the bigger websites weren’t helpful, and what special needs Savannahns might have had?


 ((Q: How does this test work?))



Tracked, but no time code.Sorry.






Nats of fingers typing:


Marty Novak VO:



















Nats of mouse clicking


Lou Phelps SOT:


With 70 thousand subscribers in St. Joseph Missouri, the St. Joseph News-Press  had classified ads in print, but wasn’t up to speed online.


(NATS: finger type)


(Marty Novak: INC: “We did grow our own site, (this is NOT verbatim)


Outcue:  but it just wasn’t what we wanted.”





Better options and more personalized service were what Lou Phelps wanted for her classified customers and 33,000 readers at the Savannah Business Report and Journal.


(NATS: mouse click)


(Lou Phelps: “Savannah is a unique environment, and we wanted a solution for our paper, which is a regional business paper, that was cost effective, and allowed people to look local, regional and nationally, a very good (___) price.  So we selected”)



Reporter on camera












Nats: fingers typing


(Reporter Q: ask Jay Dee to summarize his websites’ offerings in less than 30 seconds, please?  Ask him to bulletpoint what is offering newspapers and magazines)



VO moneyback guarantee on its website, please? 


Hand on mouse:


Classifieds2go website, St. Joe’s News-Press CarCenter, along with a shot of HomeCenter and CareerCenter.



Reporter On Cam:


(we tracked this one, too, but it IS a standup) 16:15:31







Nats: fingers typing


Jay Dee Shores SOT:
















          Reporter VO:








Reporter VO:




The St. Joseph News Press and the Savannah Business Report and Journal, are just two of the increasing number of small to medium market media outlets around the country reclaiming their marketplace, online, with help from Classifieds2go.


(nats: fingers type)


(Jay Dee Shores: “ allows careercenters, carcenters,and homecenters in small to medium marketplaces throughout the United States. We allow the classifieds to be seen online thru any publican with its local brand, look, and feel.”)




With guaranteed return on investment or the customers get their money back.


(NATS: mouse clicking)


Here’s how it works:

Once newspapers contact,

Opting for CareerCenter, CarCenter, or HomeCenter-dot-com, their state of the art software integrates right into the newspaper or media outlet’s existing website. 


CareerCenter job application process pics from website











Video to match sound: fingers typing


Reporter Q: How difficult was this and what kind of support did provide?











VO of Clay working at desk, and any online assistance b-roll that he can show you





Nats of mouse clicking

Reporter VO cont’d:

















J David McChesney:













Reporter VO:




Nats: mouse clicks


Clay Johnston SOT:


Job applicants upload resumes for free, car owners sell vehicles, car dealers manage inventory, homeowners list property and realtors manage listings  without being redirected away from the original website.  It’s software is so compatible and easy to use that top media web-hosting company, 1up, came calling.


nats: fingers type)


(J David McChesney: “1upsoftware works with 350 newspapers nationally.  We wanted to partner with C2go so we have some of the most advanced software within that. Newspapers need something simple, profitable, and privdes quick returns and the partnership of 1up and c2go provides that.”)’s sales and marketing department prepares newspapers and media outlets to make the most of their new services.


(NATS: mouse clicking)


“We provide any full range of marketing activities that willmake their launch very successful.  We have researched lots of great ideas on our own, as well as keeping











 Reporter standup:














Reporter Q: So how was the response?





VO pics of website, transactions, hands typing in credit card number, and transaction “going through.”

Clay on cam cont’d VO:










Reporter ON CAM:















Nats: hands typing


Lou Phelps:





Reporter VO:




detailed files on what our own partnership publicans have done to make their launch successful and finally, ever market is different, so we sit down and brainstorm any ideas we have to do.”


 And adding online ads increases value, which allows the newspaper, magazine or other to increase ad price, while that new career, car, or homecenter website carries all the newspaper or media outlets own advertising, marketing, banners, links and local flavor  controlled by the media outlet. The response?


(NATS: hands typing)


(Lou Phelps:  “Iliterally, we were LIVE within days. We got our money back in an unbelievably short amount of time.  Also, our people found it was an easy learning curve, to understand the site and be able to help those going on, who had questions.”)


(MARK: Can you drop out the first line of this track? “And so easy”??  If so, drop it, please!)


And so easy. The newspapers transactions are handled by the Classifieds2go secure transaction software as well, support.


Or website with graphics etc.?




(REPORTER Q: So how much was the outlay, and how was the return on your investment?  Does your website have a “local feel?”)





Broll of Jay Dee working in office, website, and additional copies of other newspapers that are now clients.





Nats of mouse clicks







Nats of mouse clicks:


Marty Novak sot:














Reporter VO:








It’s all included in the start-up price and partnership plan with


(Nats: mouse clicks)


(Marty Novak: “They easy to work with. There’s no upcharge.  They were able to come in and put together a site that’s ours.  We’re able to include banner ads, tile ads, we’re able to inclue our own copy. We’re able to let people go online with their own ads and it’s a realplus for us.”



Classifieds2go could charge tens of thousands of dollars for their package: freedom to media groups to publish their local classifieds at a low price with all the necessities.  But to hear Jay Dee talk, it’s all about keeping the dollars circulating in local communities.




(NATS: mouse clicking)




(Reporter: just ask Jay Dee to talk about the importance of keeping the local dollars in the local economy.  He’ll do the rest.)


Broll of St. Joseph News Press






(Reporter q: How difficult was this to implement?)



Shots of Jay Dee on computer, newspaper on desk, website, and either St. Joe’s website, or Lou Phelps website



Jay Dee ON CAM:






 Reporter ON CAMERA:

(This is a standup, but we tracked it anyway at 16:22:25. The standup is one of the last things shot, on tape 5)








Reporter vo:





(Jay Dee “by choosing c2go, they will be able to be local with a national reach. And they’ll have pint advertising.  So it gives them a stronger advantage over their national competitor.)



And at the St. Joseph News-Press, they think the best gauge of their new classifieds success is how much use they’re getting.



(Marty Novak:  “”The site went together amazingly fast.  The customers really like it, and the response has been great.”)… building a network of publishers, newspapers and magazines, linking together their classified ads, building a national online community from the success of local communities one website at a time.  In St. Joseph, Missouri, I’m ____________.




In studio:












      Marti on camera:











       Mark on camera:












     Marti on camera:

     Mark on camera:

A small initial investment, money-back guarantee of a return on that investment in a very short time. Mark, did you know one survey showed 83 percent of newspaper websites are profitable.  In some cases, VERY profitable.


In a local newspaper, keeping the money in the community really is the name of the game.  You’d really have to wonder why any media outlet wouldn’t go Classifieds2go.


And if you’d like more information about, you can find out more by logging on to, well,


And that’s it for this edition of BusinessWorld News.  I’m Marti Johnson. 


And I’m Mark Kriski. Thanks for joining us. See you next time!