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May 17, 2005



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Welcome to a special edition of Business World News where we take you across the globe to bring you the most innovative products and the companies behind them.  I’m (NAME)

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And I’m (NAME).  

Have you ever wondered what your daughter or son is doing on their computer when they’re alone in their rooms?   It’s not always research for their homework assignments.

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Internet chat rooms and e-mail have become a common method for today’s teenagers and preteens to communicate. 

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You don’t want to stop them from enjoying modern technology, but there is compelling evidence that shows why you need to be aware of what they are doing, and who they’re communicating with in cyberspace.   

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Reporter (NAME) has news about an innovative new product that parents and teachers should know about….

Reporter Standup  #1 - outside



TVA HOUSE – front/back

On camera


B-roll of cute young girl at computer:



Pan Across Newspaper headline:

“Girl Seduced by Chat Room Monitor”









In this Southern California suburb, a teenage girl began a casual dialogue with a boy whom she met in a chat room for children under 12, on one of the nation’s largest, respected Internet sites.     It turned out that the “boy” was, in reality, a 23 year old who was supposed to be “monitoring” the web site for the Internet company.   Over a two-year period, their innocent notes turned into a sexually charged relationship, with exchanges of explicit photographs and late night phone calls. They even made plans to meet in person. But fortunately, a co-worker at the company uncovered what the man was doing and he was fired before any further damage was done.


TVA HOUSE – on camera

Show newspaper headlines on myriad cases- e.g. POSTED: 8:55 am EDT April 15, 2005

U-M Medical Student Accused Of Internet Child Abuse

24-Year-Old Faces Nine Felony Charges

Michigan’s Child and Public Protection Unit has arrested 32 Internet sexual predators since its restructuring


Reporter (#2-VO)  A Congressional study estimates there are 24 million children now online, and one out of five have been solicited for sex in the last year.






Reporter (#3-VO):  Research has shown that 60% of teens have received an e-mail or instant message from a stranger and half have communicated back.  This is where the problem starts.   



TVA HOUSE – on camera







Shot to suggest corporate office – or wide angle city shot?

Reporter (#4): While some positive steps have been taken, including the shutdown of certain chat rooms, online industries have come up short in developing technical standards and protocols in the field of child protection.


(VO) But a company based in Ontario, Canada, feels they have the solution to combat this problem. Choozmail, a powerful, new web-based system using ground-breaking technology, allows parents to monitor exactly what their children are seeing and doing on the Internet, and who they’re speaking with.  And the system works whether the children are in the home, or have logged on to their choozmail account at some other location.

David Taylor

VP Sales and Marketing

Nitar, Inc.


Prompt question: What is choozmail?





Shot of Product / Packaging

Tape 2 23:18-23:42

David (in his own words) : Our product is called choozmail , and it has only one goal: to provide parents with the means to make available a safe, secure and controlled environment for children of all ages to exchange emails and have chat “conversations” that are not going to lead to trouble.


choozmail  provides the means for parents to exert influence and have supervision over their children – without having to be physically there looking over their child’s shoulder.

Imagine even being aware of what your child is doing at home or even at a friend’s house – and you’re in Singapore on business at the time!

Soccer Mom drops kids (pre-teen and older) off at bus stop – rushes off as they get on bus


Kids in schools on computers


Headline from Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"Are kids addicted to Web porn? Easily accessed sex sites prompt troubling trend, experts say."

Reporter (VO): As children grow, they spend more and more time away from home and parental supervision. 


Today’s technology gives them access to web sites and random email solicitations, exposing them to temptations and situations that could have a profound, negative impact on their lives.




B-roll of pre-teens in classroom on computers





Quick montage of risqué “pop-ups”









8 year old gets email on screen talking about the newest Barbie Doll accessory






TVA HOUSE – front/back

Another child filling out a form with his/her parents address and phone number

Reporter (VO): Kids learn to use computers now at a very early age.  


Computers give them access to worlds of science and nature, travel and culture,  unbridled instant access to information and technology unimaginable just a few short years ago.


What this means however, is that they’re exposed to the imminent dangers that the world wide web presents, during what is supposed to be… an “innocent part” of their lives.  


Kids should be able to utilize the Internet without worry or shame.


When your child starts a conversation with someone new on the Internet, is she really talking to Jimmy, the new kid in grade 5, or could it be the pedophile lurking anonymously online?


Even if it’s not a devious solicitation, one research study found that 75% of children are willing to share personal information online about themselves and their family in exchange for goods and services.


This can put both the personal and financial security of your whole family in jeopardy.

David Taylor discusses rules based technology and positive response

Tape 2 15:11

David: choozmail lets parents take control of who their kids are communicating with on the Internet, and what they see.  And it does so in a discreet manner, so the children do not even have to know that the parents are looking after  them.

Tim Dobush,

Businessman, Father

(or Familyman)

Tim: (in his own words)  We got choozmail  ___  months ago and I wouldn’t be without it.

I’m a businessman, I’m on the road a lot.  I needed a program where I could stay in touch and keep track of what my kids are up to.



Reporter then…

TVA HOUSE – front/back

On camera


“Rules Based”

“Positive Response Technology”


Show Tim and wife, Dale, in front of computer setting up rules


b-roll of 3 kids in Dobush household –

Innocent 8 year old girl (cast), precocious 13 year old girl, Sarah, and 15/16 year old Adam.


Reporter (#7) :  The beauty of this product is the “rules based” software and “positive response technology.” 


Parents can set specific rules for the many different choozmail features, such as email and chat. 


And, you can have one set of rules for your 8 year old, another for the 12 year old, and then still another for your 15 year old. 













Grandma typing with two fingers to send email


Pre-teen at computer picking up email from Grandma – some cute greeting




Parent (Tim or wife) @ computer picking up emails to check them

Reporter:  Most email and Internet filtering is based on “default” settings – across the board rejection of words, categories, senders, and web sites as defined by well-meaning, but faceless corporations – ISPs and even giant media conglomerates…


With choozmail, you specify what is allowed to get through. 



Emails from Grandma, best friends, school assignments, notices on soccer practice, are all on the “okay” list.



Everything else may be routed to you first, as a parent, for your examination.


You can then make the decision to pass along the email to your children, delete it, or report it if it’s of a devious, lurid or threatening nature.  Children will not be aware that you may have seen their message; there is no tell-tale “Forwarded Message” symbol in the subject line.


And you don’t even have to be in your own home to do this.  

Show Dale sitting on beach or at country house with computer, or


Tim logs into Internet at hotel, or at foreign-looking coffee shop

Reporter (VO):   Since it’s a web-based system, you have access to your children’s emails and Internet chat correspondence from any Internet-connected computer in the world.


You can be on a business trip, or on a vacation, and still be safe-guarding your children’s lives.

Tim Dobush


Tim: (in his own words)   I just got back from a trip to France, Norway, Germany, Australia, and ten other cites around the world.  I was happily surprised that I was able to check in on what my kids were doing from halfway around the globe.  Can you imagine the sense of security that brought me?



CU of computer message telling sender to copy “line of message” in Ref. Line of return email

Reporter(VO):  The “positive response technology” means that the system will automatically put a “block and check” on any email your child receives.  


If the sender is not on the approved list, or in the case of bulk or junk mail cannot respond properly, the message is rejected, and goes to you as a parent so you can  ascertain whether it’s a legitimate message from a known source.

David on Cam

Tape 2 8:20




Then Marlin the Wiz on the computer screen

David (his own words) :  You might call it…”Halt!  Who Goes There? Technology” because that’s really how it works.  (explains further)


What’s really important, though, is that we designed the program so that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to set it up –

We have a little wizard, Marlin, who guides you through the process of setting up rules that is almost…intuitive.

NOTE: The following section is hands-on “show and tell” on how the program works.

We can make it as detailed or abbreviated as we want in the edit, but we should shoot all the options.



CU Computer Screen and “Administrator” Operating –


This section will be shot and administered by David Taylor  in Canada;

All other attributes (choozmail accessories) are shown



David:   The first thing you do is…Click on …Parental Control…then you…


choozmail Accessories

choozChat WEB

choozAlbum (OnLine Album)

choozFile (Virtual Disk)

choozPhone Directory


Administration Tools

Parental Control


choozChat Monitor

V.I.P. Email Addresses

choozmail Account(s)

External Account(s)


Account Upgrade

> Increase Available Space

> Add More Accounts

> Add External Email

Download Centre


choozChat Windows

choozmail Alert!


choozPhone Internet Phone


Stop Popups!


Block Web Sites!


David will comment as features are shown> Tape 24:08


Show External Mail feature – Tim or Dale




Show photo album - Teenager




Show VoIP capability



Show older girl in college talking on internet

Grandma in old country home talking on internet

David: You can use your choozmail account to access mail sent to your other email accounts (such as a work or home account) by using the External Mail feature.


You can create your own on-line photo album that you can share with other users.


choozmail also is configured to be Voice over the Internet-ready between choozmail subscribers.  Imagine being able to talk long distance with your eldest daughter, away from home for the first time at school, two thousand miles away; talk with Grandma on a regular basis – and all with no additional cost to you!




√ 10 Email Addresses



√ Unlimited additions



√ Administrator


√No Limit to Mailbox Storage


√ Attachments? Up to 50MB!




√ Parental Control


√ Individual Rules for Different Addresses


√ Automatic redirect of inappropriate emails



√ Track Chat Messages


You define Anti-Spam


√ Patent-pending Positive Response Techonolgy


√ VoIP (Internet Telephone) and Voice mail












Reporter (VO): Most of choozmail’s attributes are unique to email providers:

#1.   choozmail starts you off with up to ten email addresses – enough to cover the biggest of families.  Set up five choozmail users and, if you wish, you can run another 5 external email accounts – such as your business email address.  choozmail can act as a single source communication center.

2. choozmail allows you to put your whole sports team – baseball, basketball, football, soccer –even hockey – on one account if you want, for a small additional annual charge.

3. With choozmail, you are the Administrator.

4.There is no limit to the amount of messages you can store on choozmail – unlimited storage for email messages!

5. Big Attachments?  No problem.  Each family will be allotted 50 Megabytes of space for attachments of any kind. And you can send and receive as many as you want. Need additional space?  All you need to do is ask!

6. choozmail is the only provider offering rules-based parental controls on both email and chat

7. Only with choozmail can you specify individual rules for individual addresses

8. choozmail automatically redirects inappropriate emails

9. choozmail can track chat messages where most other providers can’t

10. choozmail offers you your own user-defined anti-spam rules

11. choozmail’s Positive Response Technology is so revolutionary it’s Patent-pending

12. And choozmail’s Voice-over-the Internet Protocol solution, on a peer-to-peer basis, is ready to go. 



Screen shot of choozmail

Reporter (VO): And all for a few pennies a day!  When was the last time you saw something with this much value that can do so much to protect you and your family?

David Taylor

Tape 3 11:06

David:  (in David’s own words…)  There are simply no competitive, integrated products on the market today that offer the level of protection, security and features of choozmail.   


B Roll of Luis and Gustavo around office, or conferring around board room table with David and Richard Doyle







Reporter (VO): choozmail is a product of Labtech Systems; which is

wholly-owned by Nitar, a publicly traded company.  Labtech was founded by two brothers: Luiz and Gustavo Brasil.   



Labtech was heavily involved in web-based solutions for a number of clients, and after much time spent researching the plusses and minuses of the Internet, realized that this method of transmitting information could become a time bomb in the wrong hands, especially insofar as young children and teenagers are concerned. 


Three years ago, the brothers met up with marketing consultant, David Taylor.   The men all shared a high respect for families and children.    With Taylor’s marketing acumen, and the Brasil brothers’ software development skills, they went to work and, after many trials and tribulations, choozmail was born.

Luiz Brasil

Pres., Nitar Tech. Corp.

Luiz (in his own words):  What’s great about choozmail is that it was designed from the ground up, specifically to focus on the family and children’s security.   It’s the only complete and comprehensive secure Internet communication solution -  email, chat, and voice. 

B ROLL Luis, Gustavo, and David at work

Reporter (VO):  Of course, now that they had the right product, Nitar wanted to be sure they had the right people to take it to market.


Luiz (in his own words): We wanted someone who believed in the product, someone who saw the importance of this product.   If you’re committed to it, you can get it out there a lot better.

Richard Doyle

Director of Sales, North America


Richard:   (why he signed on to distribute choozmail – believes in it, etc.)


Research has shown us that only 1/3 of the households with Internet access are proactively protecting their children!

That’s a problem for these households, and tremendous potential for us.


What I’ve started doing in the distribution end of things is…(he tells us his distribution strategy and accomplishments so far)

Reporter On Camera

Reporter:  And Nitar is not resting on its laurels.   Companion programs to choozmail called chooztrack and chooztutor are in the works and should be available soon.

David Taylor

Tape 3 6:13 – chooztrack

Tape 3 7:19 - chooztutor

David: chooztrack and chooztutor


Reporter On Camera

Reporter: In addition, Nitar has the exclusive North American rights to an innovative academic program called EducationOnTime.


EducationOnTime is proven educational software with over 350,000 subscribers. It’s an efficient and secure way to put

individual school curriculum online.

David Taylor

Tape 2 26:53


B Roll of Ext. of School, w/kids coming out of buses, going into classes

David:  An obvious ideal place for choozmail is in the schools.


The same protection that can be given children by their parents, can be applied to the web-based servers that schools are using.

David Taylor

Tape 3 8:33


Visuals to support




David: EducationOnTime web-based

applications will satisfy important areas of academic life.


In fact, today, students in a remote school

in the north east of Brazil are working with a similar sized school in Central Australia, sharing projects, assignments and

contributing to “blogs” on an ongoing basis.   The educational, cultural and life-affirming benefit to students is phenomenal.





Show Private Schools – exteriors?  Kids coming out of or going to classes






Show students trying to improve their scores by using chooztutor



Show institute of higher learning

David: We are currently in discussions with several private schools in North America who have demonstrated a willingness to embrace this technology to benefit their students and teachers alike.   


We also believe that the ability to offer personalized tutoring services to individuals will be another market for the

software. Tutoring is not just something that parents may wish for their children to improve academic and even social skills.  Some students in grade 12 aspire to take their degree at a top college or university – but they may require scores even higher than their current 90% average.  A point or two more may make all the difference in securing all important scholarships to assist the students and their families truly achieve the best education possible.


Soccer B Roll

Reporter (VO):  Beyond the home and classroom, choozmail can be utilized by sports teams as a part of their membership fees.


David, then…

Tape 2 29:37





Soccer tournament (end of May) with all the kids wearing choozmail shirts




Associations such as sports leagues and clubs can include a yearly subscription of choozmail in their fees and/or tuition. To members, it will seem like a “no charge” gift.   Further, the associations will be demonstrating their willingness to offer “protection” in a safe and secure environment to their associates’ children and families.

Reporter (close)

TVA HOUSE – front/back

On camera


Reporter: choozmail seems to have appeared just in the nick of time.


Experts, both within the FBI and in the private sector, state that the utilization of the Internet is rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent techniques used by sex offenders to communicate with children.


choozmail can deter those actions.


choozmail is a product that every parent who is concerned about his children’s welfare should have in his home.


For Business World News, I’m (reporter’s name).

Studio News Desk

Anchor 1:

Thank you, (reporter’s name), for bringing us that story.

I think we all have a better feel for how dangerous a place the Internet can be, and how important it is to safeguard our children when they’re using it.

Anchor 2

That’s true. And what’s great about Nitar

is you get the feeling that they’re truly concerned with righting a potential wrong, fixing a problem that is threatening our children.

Anchor 1

And they keep moving on, with improvements and innovations in their product line.   The chooztrack and chooztutor programs should be great additions to choozmail.

Anchor 2

I just might take on a little tutoring myself.


Nothing wrong with that.


If you want more information on choozmail and the new Nitar products, you can visit the website for choozmail at, or Nitar’s web site at:  “”

Anchor 2

That’s all the time we have on this edition of Business World News.  Thanks for joining us.  I’m  (NAME).

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And I’m (NAME).  We’ll see you next time.