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Cellercise - A revolutionized new exercise equipment that will help you bounce your way to a fitter body




MARK: Welcome to today's special SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS edition of BUSINESS WORLD NEWS. I’m Mark Kriski.

MARTI: And I’m Marti Johnson. We go on locations around the world and behind closed doors to show what some companies are doing to remain competitive in the ever-changing international marketplace.

MARK: Today we shine our Spotlight on an innovative board game company that is about take the leap into the electronic gaming market, and a telecommunications firm that can help your clients reach you no matter where your business takes you,

MARTI: That’ right Mark… we’ll also be taking a look at a product that can help you breath easier in your home or office, a fitness company that says exercise is out – “cellercising” is in, and we’ll talk to a national sales executive who is using his own resources to reach out to people suffering from addiction with a message of hope and recovery.

MARK: These are our exciting topics for today on this special SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS edition of BUSINESS WORLD NEWS.





MARTI: David Hall, known as “Mr. Rebounder,” has a bold, simple claim: “Don’t exercise, Cellercise —just 10 minutes a day toward vibrant health.” Dave has been seen on Good Morning America, CNN, and numerous radio talk shows.

MARK: Dave says instead of lifting weight away from gravity, Cellercising virtually increases the weight OF gravity on the entire body, at over 100 repetitions per minute. His whole program takes only 10 minutes a day and includes isometrics for toning, isotonics for building, calesthenics for targeting, and an aerobic program. His program is being used by thousands of people of all ages

MARTI: His concepts and wellness program called Cellology - the Four C’s of Anti-Aging” continue to attract attention. Jill Brown has the story…



MARTI: That really does look like a lot of fun! Imagine getting fit and enjoying it? That’s certainly not my experience with going to the gym!

MARK: I like the “10 minutes a day” aspect. It would be great to get the same results as an hour in the gym in a fraction of the time!

MARTI: Dave Hall says it can happen!




MARK: Our next story is about a man who made a miraculous recovery from a tragic boating accident off the coast of Florida a few years ago.

MARTI: But, as we learn from Judie Garcia, on assignment in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, there is a lot more to the story of this miracle recovery than meets the eye.



MARK: Thanks, Judie. It certainly is a compelling story. Hopefully, viewers who are fighting addiction will be able to see themselves in Jim F’s story and seek help through their local Twelve-Step program.




MARTI: Our next story is one that should make you think as much about indoor air pollution as you do about air quality outdoors. Mark, did you know that each year, millions of people become ill from the indoor air they breathe at work and at home? Recent EPA studies indicate that indoor levels of pollutants may be up to 100 times higher than outdoor levels.

MARK: And this is of particular concern because most people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors. Many homes have filters to remove particles in the air, but some harmful pollutants will pass through these filters like sand through a tennis racket. Our next Spotlight is on a company that is leading the way in addressing this problem.

MARTI: Yes Mark, this company is called Sanuvox Technologies and has designed a proprietary system that uses ultraviolet light to irradiate biological contaminants such as mold, allergens, bacteria, viruses and chemicals such as cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, and Volatile Organic Compounds as well as odors in the air. Ana Garcia has more on this story.




MARK: For the past two decades, interactive home entertainment has revolved around board games and rapidly evolving game consoles from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Now, thanks to a company named Make Your Move, a new revolution in the interactive game industry is taking place.

MARTI: Make Your Move is an interactive entertainment game company that was founded by Henry Rolling, a former standout linebacker in the National Football League, and a college graduate with two degrees in economics.

MARK: When Henry was in the NFL, he developed some multi-player board games based on some old classics, checkers, chess and backgammon. He was hooked on the social interactivity and level of skills these games fostered.

MARTI: But, that was just the beginning. Henry’s vision for interactive home entertainment transcended what is available in the marketplace, and so he formed Make Your Move to develop an entirely new sector of interactive, multi-player game possibilities.

MARK: Business World News Reporter, JENNIFER BURTON, is in Reno, Nevada at the headquarters of Make Your Move with more on this story.



MARK: Okay. Thank you for your in-depth report on this exciting new game company, Jennifer. Do you have the website address where we can learn more about Make Your Move?

JENNIFER: Yes, it’s WWW-Dot-MakeYourMoveinc-dot-com. That’s M-A-K-E-Y-O-U-R-M-O-V-E-I-N-C, Dot-com.

MARK: Right, thanks. (To other anchor) This is going to be an interesting story to follow as these games are launched in the market. I can’t wait to play them with my family and friends.

MARTI: It really will be fun to watch Make Your Move “make their moves.”

MARK: Until next time, thanks for joining us on Business World News.




MARTI: Entrepreneurial small businesses and self-employed individuals make up one of the largest—and fastest growing sectors in the business world. But, one of the biggest challenges these small businesses face besides productivity is appearing like they are more professional, and more established than their competitors.

MARK: Thanks to an innovative communications service firm called FreedomVoice Systems, small business owners, and home-based businesses can now create the type of image they want to project to their clients—AND--increase their productivity at the same time.

Pat Matthews is on the road in Encinitas, California with this report.



PAT: Mark and Marti, you would be amazed at how easy it is to set up the FreedomVoice System-- and even more amazed at how you can transform the perception of your company to outsiders by having an Eight hundred toll-free system that is automated with all the features we’ve been talking about.

MARK: I really can’t believe how reasonable the monthly service is, REPORTER. Are you sure you got that right?

PAT: Yes! (laughs) You guys know what a stickler I am for the facts. I know it’s hard to believe, but I guess this is why so many small and home businesses are popping up these days. Companies like FreedomVoice Systems are making it cost-effective and efficient enough to make it work.

MARTI: Thanks for your research, Pat. We’ll keep an eye on how companies like FreedomVoice Systems help stimulate the economy through small business growth, and perhaps revisit this in a future story.

MARK: I’m Mark Kriski. For Marti Johnson, and all of us here at Business World News, thanks for joining us.



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MARK: From all of us here at Business World News, thanks for tuning in, I'm Mark Kriski.

MARTI: And I'm Marti Johnson. We hope you’ll join us next time for BUSINESS WORLD NEWS, “Spotlight on Success.”